Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Still Riding

Two camera hogs with white hats on
We have not given up riding together ya know, just because we are now driving...

Terry came over Monday night for a nice quiet ride on the roads.  The air was heavy and it was nearing dusk, so the bugs would have driven us off the trails.

We went up on Back Street ~ close to home, very little traffic, beautiful views~ and it was sooo nice.  We checked out that Free Pasture offer.  It is a fenced-in organic apple orchard.  We all tried an apple.  All of us liked them, even though they were loaded with bad spots.  There are too many apples on the trees for me to let any horses out into that pasture, but it will be fun to explore on a day when the black flies are less bountiful.

The sun was just starting to set

I mentioned before that this was a "quiet" ride, but I certainly wasn't referring to my mouth.  You can see my head is turned here because I am talking away at Terry as best I can.  I don't think we shut up once on that ride.  Terry shows Haflingers and Shires, so I live vicariously through her driving escapades, and she quite often lives through my riding escapades.  I am going to be taking in one of her Haflingers for awhile to get him a little more than green broke for her, and that was another subject for us to chew on.  We also of course have to talk about AhD and Allie, and pet them and smooch them.  (Harold, hope I am not grossing you out). Oh, and get this, the Haffie's name is Nike - and AhD's real name is pronounced "Adidas" so I am going to have Nike and Adidas in my pasture for awhile.  Cool!
No plans on barrel racing anytime soon, Donna, just the trail riding and getting some more driving experience under our belts and hooves. Linda, I know there is a nice group drive along the coast in September, so maybe AhD and I can participate in that.  I am on the lookout for a straw hat with a fancy ribbon that I can wear when driving, just because I would enjoy playing the part. 
Have fun with your Curlies, everyone!

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  1. Well now I know why I couldn't take a nap today, You and Terry were talking into the wind and it was blowing this way,,, I would love to see you in that straw hat with a big ole daisy stuck to it,, Looking good Susan, something to be proud of , not the hat you and AhD


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