Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Last week someone come and look at my horses horses they suffer from allergies.
She lives very close and was obviously very surprised that there are two curly horses were so close to her nearby.
We have lots of fun and chatting, she told about her allergies and she was 10 when she found out that she was allergic and therefore but stopped at her 12's with riding lessons.

She has written a story myself, I will add it here (and first translate) but I just forgot to make a picture of her and the horses through all the chat sorry!! There follow some pictures of the visit, here is her story;

The story of Mariska Brouwer ....

At the age of 10 years I found out that I'm allergic unfortunately also for horses.
My older sister rode ponies at the stables in our area and I loved to go there and then just to be allowed to sit on the pony and a  walk a round if i could do all this it was disastrous for the rest of the day and the days after. (because i was sick then)

I quit horseriding when i was 12 because of my allergy.
Around my 18th birthday I found out that my allergy had become a lot less, though I was still really allergic to horses.
When I read somewhere in a magazine a story about a allergica cat (where many people hardly get an allergic reaction from) a year or two ago I started searching and read a story about the Curly horses  Totally awesome course!
Now I know a week ago that these horses are very close to my area, Marjolein Overbosch in her "backyard" has listed, I never knew that in my neighborhood could find them so close less than 10 miles from me.
I am now coming once to Marjolein her horses here and had hardly bothered by horses, no asthma attack, no itchy eyes! Super!
I am very very happy with this !

And hope several times to bring Marjolein and her horses a Visit.



  1. You must be so happy to have helped Mariska! Great job promoting! And what a nice thing to do, besides. :)

  2. Best promotion story ever!! I think it's just coincidence that it happened during promotion month but hey, you gave someone a chance to do what she loves again!! That must have left you feeling pretty good!! Your English is fantastic!

  3. HAhahhahahha thanks Donna....
    i try my best!
    in the Netherlands there are 20 curly horses, whene i had my first curly mare there where 6 curly horses in the Netherlands,so i made a website to help "new people where to find a curly horse!!
    she contacted me on my website...offcourse i get lots off reactions by my website.....
    www.curlyhorsesnederland.nl (first website in the Netherlands)

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    Thank you so much for this. I can't tell you how much guilt it alleviates.


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