Sunday, August 4, 2013

early in the morning

This morning I couldn't sleep anymore, so i got out of bed and went for a ride...was thinking about Susan because she told me sometimes she get's out of her bed at 6 o clock because you can make beautifull rides outside wasn't 6 o clock, but my family was still a sleep!

just enjoyed the silence!
greetings marjolein and cinderella


  1. Well Marjolein Susan is right, early in the morning ,,, early bird gets the worm so to speak,, What a great day we had here, nice sunshine breeze and 71 degrees and my hay is all up and stacked for the winter, enjoy the pictures

  2. wouw you are fast...... yeah i hop to get my hay in 2 weeks....
    after they get the hay out off the field they will start making my pasturn...( can't wait)then i can start training again, don't like it in the field!!

  3. No hay yet for us; it is about a month late! I am glad you got out for a morning ride. Nice, isn't it?

  4. Hi susan, i would like to make a ride with you, you're pictures are beautifull!

  5. I love early morning time too!! The horses really seem to like dawn/dusk riding as well!


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