Monday, October 28, 2013

A Last Hurrah

Here in Maine we are on the brink of rifle hunting season, so Terry and I decided to take full advantage of the woods while we can.  Friday I left work really early.  The weather was not balmy, but did we care?  Not one whit!  We talked about how wonderful the fall weather is for riding.  Horses don't get overheated, there are no bugs, the air is crisp and fresh and not heavy; it is just wonderful.

Decked out in orange for the occasion (bow and bird hunting), we trekked past Hebron Academy on our way to their cross country trails,
because that is one of Terry's favorite rides. She had been going to take Allie, but I asked, "Why not Nike?" and she responded, "Oh....why NOT Nike!" with a smile.  He was great for her!
Part of the old county road

AhD and I were quite surprised to find the ball fields FUL L of students having fun, playing football, rugby, running, and even archery (and shooting in our direction!).  The archery coach noticed us stopped on the dirt road ahead of the students and indicated for us to go forward.  I knew the students had put their bows down and I WAS indicating AhD to go forward, but he was frozen in that spot.  WAY too much unexpected and noisy stuff going on!  I knew better than to push him hard, so I let him think about it for another moment.  The coach indicated again for us to move forward with "You can go!" but I was thinking, "No, you don't get it... I can't!" but I didn't say anything, just nodded my head a bit at him while I was communicating to AhD that everything was A-Ok.  Finally AhD was good to go, although tight as a wire.  He settled in once we were past all the ruckus. And, no, I don't have any pictures of that episode!

We were prevented from going on the cross country trails to Marshall Pond by big bright orange ropes tied right across the way, but since the old county road also goes to the pond, I didn't care.  Besides, it was soooo wonderful being out on my Curly, and it was equally wonderful to have Nike as the 'other' horse instead of Al, because Nike is a speed walker.  I didn't have to worry one whit about Terry being able to keep up, and plus my heart was bursting with pride because Nike was being so good for Terry! What a team we all made!  I HAD SUCH A WONDERFUL TIME!

We never did actually make it to the shores of Marshall Pond, but it didn't matter because our ride was fabulous.  I looked at one trail off to the side and mentioned to Terry, "I'm pretty sure that would take us to the pond," but I didn't want to risk getting lost out there in the woods because it gets dark early. Better safe than sorry.

We came back through past the Hebron Academy kids with time to spare, so we decided to take the long way home down through the sandpit.  We quickly crossed busy Route 119 and headed down, down, down on a dirt road.  We got to the bottom to find the road to the sandpit was gaited off! We went ahead to check out the old bridge to see if we could cross there, but after assessment I did not want to risk it.  Frig it, we'll just go back up the hill to the road...but as we passed the gate I thought hmmmm maybe we could squeeze by on one side.  YEP!  We were golden! Both ponies were comfortable with The Squeeze Game. On through the sandpit, and then at the choice of two trails home, Terry chose the longer, more beautiful one.  We were in seventh heaven.

Small pond across from the academy
There are still some hardwoods with color
A view from a rise overlooking part of the sandpit
Definitely another ride to be held in the memory banks for a long time.


  1. Oh my gosh...those pictures are amazing Susan!! Green meadow behind...incredible. And those big huge I had to chuckle at the coach saying you could go, right...he didn't get it at all! But good for you for letting didder take his time in figuring things out. that's why he trusts you so much! =] Glad you had such a nice ride and you should be beaming with your training of Nike. Awesome that you could enjoy the trails together and they are such a nice match for speed. Thanks for sharing susan....I'll try to share my ride yesterday - in complete RAIN! =]

    1. Denise , you are so right they were beautiful pictures of the sky and clouds and woods and colors, what a great team they make, I think Terry should show more pictures of herself and the horse she is riding and the beautiful back ground, Great ride Susan

    2. Looking forward to hearing about your Rain Ride, Denise! Thank you, yes, I have learned to let AhD think about things. He has definitely made me a better horsewoman. Harold, I have more pictures of Terry. Next time, I will make sure you get to see them. ;) We aim to ride together twice a week, and I just love our rides!

  2. Now Susan, how could you post this without at least 50 pictures for Harold!!! Ha ha I'm betting with that scenery it doesn't take long to get 50 pictures!! Great ride, yay for the boys for behaving so well and taking that all in stride!

  3. Now Susan, how could you post this without at least 50 pictures for Harold!!! Ha ha I'm betting with that scenery it doesn't take long to get 50 pictures!! Great ride, yay for the boys for behaving so well and taking that all in stride!

  4. Hi,

    Great photos. I work for Hebron Academy. Mind if I repost a couple photos with a link this post?

    Geoff Campbell
    Digital Communications Coordinator
    Hebron Academy


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