Saturday, October 12, 2013


As you can see from the clear skies, it was an absolutely gorgeous day today!! Temps were in the low 20's (C) and it was Tshirt weather! Since my saddle now has official Owen approval, I took full advantage of such a beautiful day! I decided to do some pasture work with Linus and give him a break from our separation work. I wanted to video how good he is about going through the live electric gate but I can't video, hold the gate handle and hold Linus at the same time so I will save that one for a day that I have a helper! I did take a video of Linus on my way to his corral, but it was way too shaky to post! Which is too bad, because in it he was looking at me all alert and then I ask "Do you want to do some work today" then he turns and walks towards the gate to meet me. 

These pictures are of our bush (forest for Susan, lol) Last week when I posted the pictures, it was so full of bright and vibrant colour. Now the only trees left with much colour are the poplars. That's where I decided I wanted to take Linus; to the poplar grove in the northeast corner of the pasture. 

He was very forward today but very light too and was a complete joy to be on. He negotiated the ditch bravely and he surprised me when crossed a ridge. There is about a 2 foot step up and I expected him to just step up like he has every other time I rode him over it, but today he leaped it!! Holy kamolees there is a lot of power in that big back end! 

We trotted around the poplar grove. He kept looking further off to the northeast, I found out later it was because Bernie and Lucas were off that way!! She hadn't planned on it, their meandering took them that way too. 

You can't really see it but off in the distance is a fallen log - which we jumped!! Linus approached it like he was looking forward to jumping it! He seemed to enjoy it and I had fun too! What a thrill! On the way back the ditch seemed bigger than when we first crossed it. I think because it was rougher footing on the North side of it. I found myself thinking of Harold and Susan and saying "trust your horse" and in poor footing or sticky spots I just give Linus his head and hold on! Sure enough, he picked the spot that looked best and leaped across. We had so much fun today!
 Now, the reason for my title! On the way back up through the pasture Linus was moving out well and seemed to be loving a faster pace so I gave him more rein and "kissed" and he gave me a forward trot, I kept him loose on the rein and I could feel he was thinking about cantering. I haven't pushed the canter with him. We've done it a few times but mostly just for enough steps for points or when he isn't really noticing it. In wide open pasture though I haven't felt he was ready. Today felt right though so I let him decide and he went for it. I could really feel it click for him that he can comfortably canter with me on him. He throws in the odd little frolic, not quite a buck. At one point I lost my stirrups and I thought I was done for but he came to a complete stop until I was settled again!! Boy do I love this horse!! That would have been a perfect opportunity for him to throw in a buck, be rid of his rider and go! And it would have been my own fault too!

After a couple of very freakin' awesome canters I let him head towards the cows. As you can see, Donald the bull was not at all bothered by Linus and didn't even get up from enjoying the afternoon sun!

So we moved on to one of the yearlings and worked her for a bit instead!

When we came back up I got off and undid  Linus' breast collar so he could eat some grass. While I was at it I loosened his girth too. There wasn't much point in mounting up to ride him 200m! But, when I did walk him back to his corral he stopped suddenly. I was a bit ahead of him and figured he was just trying to stop for more grass but when I turned around he was standing there with an unimpressed look on his face and the saddle was hanging completely off his side!! Poor Linus, he just stood there and waited for me to fix it. I laughed at him and removed the saddle. Then I felt bad and let him have some more clover!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend from Canada!!!


  1. Oh Donna, just a dagnabid awesome horse and rider, what a pair you two make, I still believe you have the horse of your lifetime, it just don't get much better, great pictures by the way

  2. Thank you Harold!! It was a thrilling ride! He sure is a wonderful horse!

  3. Those little jumps are fun, aren't they? Good job on the cantering too! That feeling must have been awesome. I agree with Harold that you and Linus are a match!

  4. Thanks Janeen!! Amazing how thrilling those little jumps can be isn't it?! Anxiously awaiting a post from your big trail ride!! The FB posts looked awesome!!

  5. Awesome canters, big jumps, beautiful weather - wow!!!! Love the blue sky you had. I am glad that Harold and I have helped you out by all our talking and posting. It's always good to take "bits" from everyone, the bits that help you become a better horse(wo)man. They come in so handy when you are in a new situation! You have a lot of guts. I don't think I would be cantering AhD in an open field if he was young like Linus. But, you and Linus definitely have a Thing together. :)


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