Thursday, October 10, 2013

new saddle

Last week I had an appointment with a seller of western stuff. I wanted a new saddle and now I'm super happy with a beautiful saddle billy cook! As you all know, I just made a pastern, unfortunately it was much too heavy to drive / work / train.
  at first looked the seller placed the saddle on the back off cinderella, then when it fits i had
to try if it fits my body too and ride in my pastern, but I said that was not possible. Yes, he said you have a strong horse just go on and try! So I tried and guess what ... all my worries and bad niches for nothing .... I can simply drive ... I am now three days away and we can now do everything in the pastern ...... walk, trot, canter! However, over the rail, along the sides, but now I have full confidence that the rest also will be okay. The seller loves the curly horse, the strong body, willing to please, theeasy temperament......
he has seen her before because my previous saddle came from him. He finds them beautiful and strong and asked if he could ride on cinderella ... Sure! He has given me and cinderella a few new tricks we learned a lot and can work further together and try our new tricks. My lessons I stopped temporarily due to the move and because I had no place to work but now I can go on all the suits ... such a relief for me! The wife of the seller teaches western horses and riders and seems to be really good we talked by phone and we do have a click so I will start taking her lessons. I'm totally happy again and I really liked the fact the seller was so excited about the curly! he kept saying: .... what a great horse for the Arena!                                    

Cindy with her new saddle!
thanks for reading my story!
greetings marjolein overbosch


  1. Nice saddle! And I am so glad you have met some nice people with whom you click. Sounds like he was very encouraging to you and you may have found a future instructor in his wife! Cinderella looks lovely in her new saddle.

  2. Hey Marjoliein, that looks to be a great fitting saddle, and Billy Cook are great saddles, you made a good choice Have a great time riding and breaking in your saddle

  3. thanks Susan and Harold it realy fits her back perfectly and my ass as well hahahahaha! (sorry!)

    1. Love how English is a foreign language for you yet you know the word ass!!?? I have been riding in a couple of different saddles lately, and mine has been sore because I am so used to my treeless saddle! Fits my butt like a glove!

  4. Ha ha ha Marjolein!! Lovely new saddle, for your ass and your horse's back!! Enjoy! Can't wait to hear how your lessons come along : )

  5. ohhh my god i see...butt is a better word as ASS hahahaha next year we make RAC 2014 everbody needs to write in my language...just Netherlands hahahahah ...we will see how that will be!

  6. Ooh, I think we might hear a lot worse than ass if that were the case Marjolein!! Ha ha!! I think you do excellent with your english!


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