Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Determined OR Just Plain Stupid?

We've had such an amazing fall of riding, I really hate to see it end!! This past week the weather had turned drastically.....rain, cold and even a touch of snow and frost. Winter is fast approaching and so is deer season. With just 1 ride in last week late in the day, I was determined to get out this past weekend, rain or shine. The weather man promised me it was going to clear up, so Rocky, Bear and I set out at about 2:30 on Sunday afternoon with what my husband says is "Misty wet with rain" conditions. I thought to myself...."ah, it's just a little mist....I'm not sugar after all....I'm going!" =] I also thought, hummm...Harold won't let a little rain get in his way of a good afternoon ride, right? And SURELY, I'm as tough as Harold!! ?????

As I unloaded Bear, it felt promising.....still a very dark and dreary day, but I thought it was certainly better than being stuck indoors. It was almost empowering....refreshing. "This will be fun!" I convinced myself. I stuffed 2 extra pair of gloves in my pocket, snapped on my water "resistant" pants and blaze orange gear...and away we went.  

We started out down the road to a foot path leading to the back of our bay, where there is a marsh crossing. (yes, it's still sprinkling...I thought you would be able to see it on the water...but guess not.) It didn't occur to me that my poor dog will have to swim across this frigid cold creek when I chose this route. But his tongue was hanging out of his mouth, so I figured he wouldn't mind a little cool down. =] He leaped acrossed it like a champ..only getting his under belly wet. No worries!

This shows the bay where the creek meets it. 
We headed to the deep woods, hoping to get some protection from the rain by the cover of leaves over us.....yeah....what WAS I thinking??! All the leaves were on the ground! Due to high winds the past week....there wasn't hardly a leaf left in the trees. DARN IT. Oh well...quit your whining Denise...Harold will hear you.

I was a little worried about my saddle getting wet, but thought...oh well, Harold wouldn't worry about  such nonsense, so quit being a girly-girl and get on with it. RIDE!

I took some video, so you could hear the rain, but it didn't show up very well. 

We live in Cedarville and it got it's name for a reason. =] Lots of Cedar, Pine etc. 

I love this creek. Usually this time of year, you'll see random people stop here to see
if there are salmon coming to spawn. But by now,
they are pretty much done.

Heading home.......looks pretty dreary here, but honestly, I was having a pretty good time.
I must admit to looking for the cloud with the silver lining. =]

I ran into two cars on this stretch (1 hunter and 1 lady heading home from work) - I am sure they thought I was a crazy lady! If I had been a man, they would have thought I was just TOUGH, right? =] I visited with the one gal in her car who stopped because she wanted to see Bear. I was able to promote the breed - pretty cool....you just never know when an opportunity will come up...even on a day like this!

I was about 90 min into my ride and starting to feel a touch chilled.....but toughin' it out! =] I always say the sun is always shining when you are on the back of a horse. 

We are now within 10 min of the trailer and guess what? The rain stopped. What a great ending!

Before loading Bear in the trailer, I just had to let him eat some grass for a job well done and putting up with my insanity...I mean cowgirl toughness. =] 

What was really neat about this ride, and many others when I ride alone like this....is....that in taking pics and thinking about sharing it all with you, I feel like I have company on my ride. Makes it really fun!

So thank you for going on this ride with me, Rocky and Bear! Hope you enjoyed a ride in the rain...ok, ok....in the sprinkling rain! =] Geesh!


  1. Wow Denise, thanks for the ride, and the great pictures, and for proving a little moisture doesn't slow down a woman among women, awesome just down right awesome, as in job well done, I really like the last picture, Rocky looks like he has had enough and waiting for you to take him home.
    Thanks again for the story line and the great pictures and picking on me.!!! Happy trails to you.........

    1. Sorry I forgot to mention, your horse looks to be in great shape , and I see still riding with the tapaderos or however you spell them

    2. You made my day, Harold! =] And it's all true..you were my motivation! =] Actually Rocky was bee boppin all over the place still even when we got back and I made him SIT so I could take his picture. But I am SURE Bear was glad to be done! =]

  2. I would so ride in the rain by myself also! It's way better than being stuck indoors with housework. Your voice on the video sounded a dite pathetic, though....you mentioned being wet and cold....
    Bear and Rocky do look good. I'm envious of your salmon runs; we don't get those here in Maine. Thanks for picking on Harold. He needs it.

  3. I did sound a little pathetic, didn't I? Dang....I hope Harold didn't notice! That's where the question came in..."determined or just plain stupid??" LOL

  4. Your too kind Harold...Bear is chubby as always. =] I start to feel sorry for him when we get this wet cold windy stuff. He was looking pretty good a few weeks ago...=]

  5. Love the ride!! I love riding alone as much as a big group. It's all good!! Life is sunnier from the back of a good horse!!! You're tough enough to ride with our gang!!! Lol!!

  6. Thanks Donna!! I don't mind riding alone either...but in the past 10 years I would say 80% of my riding is alone. So it just gets old after a while. =]


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