Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lessons, Linda and Legacy

Legacy and I are continuing lessons with our dressage coach. The stunning fall weather prompted me to try a few of these interesting shadow photos....I noticed our shadows as I led Legacy to our arena to work. 

This shot shows the bond between we stood for a moment, Legacy rested her head on my shoulder...with my permission of course!

Done with the photos we get down to work. Legacy is learning to stretch down and accept contact with the bit, AND remain supple, elastic and forward. We are both improving our skills, me, working on body language, Legacy stretching and moving forward and up under herself.  This week's lesson is to learn the leg yield at the walk.  We have practiced the leg yield at the halt, now we must gather ourselves and learn it at the walk. This is one instance of training from the saddle would be much easier...but we need to learn it from the ground so we can transfer it by voice and a touch of the whip in harness, instead of from the saddle. Getting proper bend is a complex job in harness.

 Curls are coming, the curls are coming!  fall is always the moment when curls start their appearance.
We work on!  I hope to be driving soon. Legacy is getting physically stronger and more precise to my verbal cues. We also are fine tuning some of her ground manners, esp lifting her feet on verbal command....that has no real value in driving (that I can think of) ,  but is sure alot of fun to push ourselves to see how precise and responsive we can get! 


  1. You surely are going to end up with a very fine-tuned Curly!

  2. Thanks Susan, I LOVE the precise "ness" of our work. It is taking me way beyond any relationship I have had with a horse, and I love it! I have had some awesome relationships in the past...but this goes way beyond that.


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