Saturday, October 19, 2013

Northwoods Christian Camp Trail!

Denise and I and a couple other people from the area were supposed to go to a team penning function a couple hours south, but to our dismay it was cancelled due to the weather forecast, so we punted and hit the woods and a new trail.....or at least a new trail for me!  Denise had rode here years and years ago.   I've heard of the Northwoods Christian Camp, but I've never experienced it.  It's at the end of a dead end road and has many activities go on year around including hay rides this time of year and sleigh rides in the winter.  As you can see we all donned our orange and set out, Karen and Denise with maps in hand.  We started out on the Rainbow Trail, which led to the High Trail and Glory Trail and Joy Trail and I can't remember the other names.

High Trail led us to our first bridge which Cork headed straight to until Denise said, "Good boy, Cork," and then he started thinking.  Darn horse!  We tried about 5 times and then Denise had Bear go, which then Corky followed right on Bear's heels, just in case the trolls under the bridge came up to get him, Bear would save him!  It was really kind of cute.

This picture doesn't show exactly what I was trying to get, but there is a gentle downward slope here.  Because of all the recent rain, once we went down it did become wet in alot of areas and we couldn't even go down one trail.  Corky tried, but it reminded him too much of winter riding in deep snow and took a break, so we decided it was better to turn around.

This is Karen, our trail boss for the day, on her horse Paco!  She's also our DeTour trail guide that I spoke about, if you should ever get lost in that area!

The next bridge we came to, Cork stopped right here and said, "Not going.  No way, no how!"  While I probably should have made him go, I just sat back and took pictures.
This bridge is called "Wilson's Bridge."  We were wondering who Wilson was.

More sights included the mini Mackinac Bridge!
I also took pictures of Karen and Denise in front of the bridge, which overlooks Lake Glory.
 Both ladies have awesome smiles, don't you think?
As we headed back around almost to the parking lot, we decided to take Glory Trail to the right and see where it led, but we were sure it would dead end, which it did.  Then we came back over the causeway and that's where I took alot more pretty pictures!

Can you see the house at the top of hill?

The weather today was a tad chilly, letting us know that fall is here, so this was the perfect length of ride, about 2 hours!

Janeen and Corky, UP of Michigan!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful ride. Sure sounds like the change in plans ended up working in you favour!! Yes, you all have beautiful smiles!! Janeen it is so awesome that you are getting in this many miles this year!! YAY you!!!

  2. I know it, Donna, Janeen and Corky are on fire! Two hours is a nice length ride, and you sure went through some beautiful country. I love how you punted and made lemonade out of your lemons, Janeen! Thank you so much for taking us along. :) Yes, your friends are gorgeous and have lovely smiles. You keep awesome company.


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