Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mission Hill Round Two

As some of you know from Facebook, for the past month I've been asking anyone and everyone to join us on a ride to Mission Hill on October 12th!  For not being a weatherman and just picking a day, we couldn't have been blessed any other way!  The temps were 65 to 70, the color was at peak up on the Hill, there were 25 riders and the company was good and all the horses behaved!  We took the same route as two weeks ago.

I have to say where we started it was blah to me and I was hoping the color would get better.  As we rode farther to the north the color did get better.  Some cantered along and then came back, some like me just hung out at the end of the line.  It was all relaxed and so many of us needed that time.

It was a busy day at Mission Hill with tourists and wanting to see the color.  As we all rode into the parking spot, mingling with the cars and people, you could tell some visitors were a little taken aback and maybe even scared, while others were in awe that we had that many riders all in one place.  One gal told me she was jealous and I asked why and she said because she wants to bring her horse here and hasn't been able to yet and then asked if I knew a certain person and I told her yes and that she was sitting over on the lawn with her husband, that she was with our group.  We ate our lunch and lounged around talking, mingling and taking in the view.

The windmills are actually in Canada

There is a very nice outhouse on Mission Hill and I had told people we could use the restroom on our break.  I was astonished, dismayed and even giggled that there was a sign on the door and it was locked because of the government shutdown.  There is no electricity and really if it had run out of toilet paper, I'm don't think it would have deterred anyone from using it if they really needed it.  Thank goodness there is alot of woods around and we're all Yoopers!

We had talked of getting a group picture and were talking about where when all the cars left the parking spot in front of the wall, so we hurried and took up the whole spot and asked a few people to take our pictures.  Unless there was panorama view on your camera we all could not fit in a picture, but here is one of most of us!

Just as we were getting ready to leave I looked down next to me and a horse had a leaf fall on his head.  He definitely was not happy about it and almost looks like he knows we're laughing at him!

Poor Smokey....this is the horse that got in the trash can about a month ago.  Notice he's not doing that this time!

We started down the road to start our loop and a car stopped that knew a few of our riders and their grandkids wanted to pet the horses, so there were horses with their heads inside the car!  What a sight!  All in all it was a beautiful day, beautiful ride, good weather, good company and three Curlies once again!  I think Denise and Laura should share their pictures too, because I was at the back of the line and didn't get many!


  1. Woohoo!! Been waiting for a post of this beautiful ride since I saw some facebook pictures!!! What an amazing thing to have that many riders show just for the fun of it!! Love the fall colours!! Isn't it so cool to have so many strange horses and riders be able to get along with no fuss? That stood out most for me at the pink ribbon ride! Love it Janeen!!! Keep it up - you're a great person for the horse world!

    1. Awww, thanks, Donna. I was just happy that so many people enjoyed the ride. It is awesome that so many people came and all the horses got along!There was one horse that the owner said "I'll take up the rear" and at first I thought he just wanted to make sure no one got left behind, but then he explained that if she was up front she would go too fast and every other horse would be wanting to catch up and if horses got to close she was known to be a kicker, so I was thankful for his thoughtfulness, as I was on a ride a few years ago that an ornery mare actually took full rear shots at all the geldings until the owner was told to go to the rear of the pack. She nailed my horse with her shoes on. I wasn't too pleased and he was swollen for about 4 days.

  2. Hey Janeen , you guys really have some great color and nice weather, great pictures, I was kinda hoping to see my old buddy in some of your pictures, mabe next time

    1. Harold, I think all the noise and laughter and picture clicking scared him away! I'm sure he knew we were there though!

  3. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, great horse people to ride with and awesome doesn't get any better than that! Can't believe those windmills are in Canada! Wow! And I love the group picture.


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