Friday, October 11, 2013

A Scene Just For Harold

Harold, your wish is my command.  One of the many stone walls I passed on my rides this week.  Enjoy!  ~Susan and AhD (Didder) ~


  1. Love it! Really takes you back in time eh?? So pretty! I really can't wait to go visit you and borrow Al!

    1. Aren't you coming over to ride Popham Beach this fall? :)

  2. I would LOVE to but have another trail ride with Linus coming up in 2 weeks and then my hubby will be traveling for work : ( when is it the beach opens to riders?

  3. October through April. Let's make a riding date for January, HAHAH. Can you imagine how cold it would be with the wind blowing in off the ocean?

  4. wow great picture Susan, and many thanks for this ride, it was great, your wall reminds me of riding the Black Hills in South Dakota , only those were nature made and not very straight but awesome regardless, fantastic picture, you must have had a great ride,


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