Monday, October 7, 2013

Fantastic Fall Weather in Maine

Don't you sometimes
 just wish that fall would last forever?
Scattering of leaves all over the trails makes for a heady scent

This is the best time of year to ride the powerline

The autumn weather has been absolutely wonderful in Maine this year, giving me plenty of horse time.  I have had several really nice rides on my Ah-D, even fitting in an after-work ride or two.  The foliage is spectacular this year.  Some places are peak and some are gone by, but there are some places where bright red leaves are juxtaposed against bright green leaves, so there is more to come. 
Note the bite of grass, a reward for a good boy

Sumacs are a PIA, but they sure turn beautiful colors in the fall

Self-portraits of me and my pony

Even though the forest floor is littered with leaves, there is plenty of green left to turn color over the next couple of weeks!

I mentioned before that I have been putting in quite a bit of time on the Haflinger Nike who is staying at my house, and I have noticed this makes AhD crave my attention and ask to be picked when I come out to the pasture.  What a rush!  I love how he makes himself available, and I especially love how he hasn't been bratty at all, even when he has had time off.  Could it be he is growing up? 

Ah-D stood stock still for my overhead pictures.  That driving training is coming in handy on the trail! ;)

The brooks are full of floating leaves

A stand of white birch with a maple thrown in.  Lovely!

What a beautiful frame under this foliage! :)

I thought you might get a kick out of this short video.  I thought I was setting up the timer to take the self-portrait picture above, but as you can see, ended up being a video.  But it does capture the flavor of this ride, and also just how gentle and sweet and well-behaved Ah-D is.

Thanks for coming along on our fall rides! ~Susan and AhD


  1. Oh Susan, you have really beautiful country to ride in, what a fantastic time I had riding your trails,,, thanks for the pictures and great great ride
    fantastic horse to carry us like that,

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it Harold! I thought of you a lot while I was out there, enjoying the company of my horse and the peace and beauty of solitude.

  2. Wow, beautiful fall colors! And yes I do wish fall would last all year! The temperatures and colours are perfect! I can't believe how much green you still have! It's cute how AhD is competing for your attention! Linus does that when I work with Allie; it's like he's saying "but you're MY human"

    1. It's raining out today and we are supposed to have wild wind tonight, but with all those green leaves still on the hardwood trees, all is not lost!!!

  3. Rainy and windy here now too : ( the leaves aren't going to last too much longer around here. We did have a beautiful morning though!


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