Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Trail Ride!!

Oh boy, what a day we had!! We manage to have 4 of us come together for the Halloween Ride and Becky, who we rode with last weekend had use of their farm truck and big stock trailer so all 4 horses trailered together. Linus jumped right in it when he saw his girlfriend from last weekend. I was holding him back at the door while they sorted where they wanted him!

We were slightly iffy about whether the ride was going to take place since the weather had been sketchy and Saturday was down right miserable! We had a little bit of drizzle in the morning but by the time we tacked up the sun was shining! We stopped on the way for breakfast and had a nice bbq after the ride! There was supposed to be between 25-30 riders and we were the only 4 brave enough to show up!! The hosts (2 of what were meant to be 4) came out but one was riding with her young son and turned back partway. 

We won the costume prize!! Atta boy Ironhorse!! My son and husband were SO helpful with this! The hosting stable had a Rother horsemanship clinic and he donated a rope halter for the prize!

I almost chickened out from asking my husband to help with my costume but I went ahead and asked. He did a FANTASTIC job painting an old pair of jeans for me!


The above pic WAS Owen's Ironman crazy glued to fleece and attached to a breast collar...yes I owe him a new one!! A friend replaced the batteries in it a party a few weeks so it actually made noise. So first thing this morning I let Linus sniff it and get used to the noise.

Here we all ready to be tacked up. Becky's horse is still a bit tender so she used my neighbour's horse. From left to right the Canadian mare Sady, Bernie's boy Lucas, the famous Linus : )  and Roxy the QH

We were so close to the Ottawa Airport we had planes taking off right over us!! Linus was cool with it!

Off we go

I hope this video loads properly!! I thought it may be kinda boring but it actually came out ok. It's just a short one but you can hear and then see a plane taking off right over us! 

Owen made me practice the Ironman pose!!

I passed the camera around so that I am actually in some of the pics this time!

We decided to try a group photo! We had to lineup carefully because Sady was not fond of Linus. She knows Lucas because Bernie's Aunt owns her and they have ridden together several time. Linus was insulted that he finally met a horse who didn't like him!

Bring her round Megan!

beep, beep, beep, back her up

We did it!!!!! What a super fun bunch of ladies to ride with!

This is Alice, she toughed out the ride with us and even helped guide the way! She took our group pictures! Her horse is 5 and called BananaMan

Bernie wanted to try a shot in the corn! I love it!

We came across a beaver dam!

Linus and BananaMan became fast friends. Linus is so eager when new people or horses come around. One fella today asked me if he had "personal space" issues....I was like "oh gosh no, he loves being in everyone's face" ha ha ha, I don't think he expected that answer. We always make sure its ok first and I take him away if there are signs of "go away" from horse or human!!

Linus was too funny at the other side of this hill. It was kind of a V shape with a steep down and then a not as steep up. Here we are the top after climbing up. This was the biggest hill he ever met and before the descent he had a big "what the heck" look on his face. But, I gave him his head, leaned back to help him balance and told him to pick his path and he did!

Bernie does a lot of hill work with Lucas so they really enjoyed the hill. 

All in all, we had an incredible day! Linus settled almost instantly. He is really taking to this trailering out thing. He was like an old pro for much of the day. No refusals at anything. Best of all, we came to an open field but the trail was still clearly marked. Bernie took the opportunity to let Lucas gallop to the end of it. Alice hasn't reached that point in her lessons yet so didn't want to. Megan isn't up to cantering yet either and Becky didn't want to because she isn't used to Sady and Sady wanted to GO!!! I said, well we are learning and have done it at home. Linus was behaving like a gentleman so I clicked and he moved into a trot, I gave him more rein and clicked again and we cantered the whole length of the field!!! I gave a whoop at the other side and gave him a huge hug too!!! He wanted to move into a canter almost every time we trotted after that. He really had it figured out that we were doing it together and I wasn't fighting against him. I was super proud of him today. The hosts from the Equestrian Centre were very taken with him. He caught attention even being a smooth Curly. They thought he was pretty big though. Their horses were all at least a hand smaller...and we won't say how many pounds lighter!!! Ha ha, but on that note, Linus is now in a smaller cinch! He is really getting in shape (he needed to!)

Sorry for all of the photos, I hope there isn't too many!! I wanted to take you all along!!
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. One can never have too many photos! Oh, thank you so much for taking us along. I really want to ride with you some day. Isn't it fun riding in a group, when you have nice people and horses to ride with? I love it! Didder is exactly the same as Linus in the making friends department. I have to be careful that he doesn't invade another horse's space by being too innocently friendly. I enjoyed that you included all the group photos so that we could see the progression to the final product. Loved seeing Lucas in the corn! I don't get why all those pussies chickened out on the ride because of the weather...?????? Really???? The weather looked fine! And you would have won first prize for that costume even if they had all shown up.

  2. Dagnabit Donna, I could have looked at a few more pictures, you told a good story and great pictures, You are probably tired of hearing me go on about Linus but you have done such a wonderful job on him, A great horse and a great trainer, and great looking costume,,, all in all, a job well done,

    1. Harold, sometimes I don't know which I enjoy better, the blogs or your comments. I laughed out loud at the first line...just how many pictures do you want???

    2. 44 pictures and two videos is not enough for Harold, Donna. You will have to do better next time. ;)

  3. Lol, Harold does any gal ever tire of hearing how great someone thinks her horse is? I sure don't!! Thanks so much!! Glad you enjoyed our ride!!
    Susan. I couldn't believe the sissy's!! 3 of the expected riders were RCMP and 1 was Ottawa Police...I thought they'd be made of tougher stuff!! I love winter riding and so does Bernie so we're hoping to hit the snowy trails! Her Dad keeps groomed trails in their bush...I mean Forest! lol. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! Oh and I think Linus and Didder would be best pals!

  4. Lol!! We'll, it was only supposed to load 1 video, not sure what happened there!! We're hoping for either a moonlight or a Christmas ride in the not too distant future....i'll see what I can do Harold but there may be some cursin' me for that many pictures!!!! oh well, can't please em all!!

  5. LOVE your costumes, Donna!!!!!!!!! You two look amazing as always! And never enough pics, for me! Loved them all. I agree with the comments from Harold...never know for sure what he is going to come up with. =] I can't tell you what a hoot it is to see you out and about riding big rides now Donna...such a huge success...watching you both grow for so long together and now testing out that bond in the big world! And yeah for no issues..and even a nice canter...whoo hooo! I know that rush feel..nothing like it!

  6. Yahooooooooo for the canter!!! Go Donna, Go Linus!!!! There is no better feeling than that. The partnership you have developed is incredible. There are top riders that wouldn't dare canter through an open field, on a loose rein to boot! You go girl!!!


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