Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mission Hill Ride, Another View =]

I don't think any of us tire of seeing the trail on horseback in the fall. So I'll go ahead and post the pics I took of the Mission Hill ride Janeen was also on last saturday. We all packed a snack, loaded our ponies and off we went. It couldn't have been a nicer day and such a great turnout!

Bitless Bridle made by Jubilee Bridles.
I got a new bridle to try on Bear just days before so I was really excited to give it a try. I've been experimenting with  not using a bit on him. He was a beginner lesson horse for kids for about 12 years, so his mouth has gotten pretty tough. But his training by Marla at Running Horse Farm was impeccable! He is very light to aids except for his mouth.  I have been riding him on the trail with just a halter and found it amazing how light and responsive he is with it. And it's pretty too! It was made by a company called Jubilee Bridles.Check out their fb page:
The quality of the bridle is absolutely amazing. It works like a Dr. Cook with the cross under the chin. Soft leather, and quality buckles etc. She customizes whatever you want on them too. I just wanted studs but she will do turquoise, bling..whatever. She also sells the tiny charms you see on the bridle. It's just so

Part of the gang of horses....heading down the trail

Laura Kibler took this one of Bear and I....I like it. =]

Another friend took this one of Bear and I...I love the yellow!

More horses....

Which way do we go, Janeen???lol

Leaving the Lookout.

There's Laura Kibler and Billy. I didn't get any of Janeen!! What's up with that. Sorry Janeen!!

It was such a memorable ride...thank you for hosting it Janeen. We have lots of great pics to look over
this winter when we are snow bound!!


  1. Beautiful ride!! Love the colours! Your bitless bridle is very nice!! It's great that you tried this on Bear instead of a harsher bit! He looks very happy in it : )

  2. ya know Donna....I had thought about a harsher bit actually! But for some reason I thought about going less and it worked! That's why I posted that article on my fb wall about bitless bridles...because that is usually the first thing we think about. It's not always the answer. I think Bear is SO much happier too!!

  3. It's kind of funny, I just suggested to a friend that she try bitless because her horse ignores the bit when going faster than a walk. He just picks it up and goes! The bitless is working for her at all speeds now. I know it's not for every horse but it's nice when it does work! Btw I love the pic of you turned around to face the camera!! Great shot and a beautiful background!!

  4. personally Denise, I really think you are a bit spoiled with the fantastic country you have to ride in, they are great pictures and also I like the bitless you are using and I agree sometimes less is better, look at Donna and her horse , she can ride with out bit and saddle,. and I would not dare try that with Curly boy,, nope no way and he needs a bit for sure, any way fantastic pictures and I would think when all the leaves are gone you could get me a picture of bigfoot

  5. Oh Harold I would never ride with no tack outside the pasture! I'm lucky linus goes bitless, it's not for every horse!!

  6. Oh Harold I would never ride with no tack outside the pasture! I'm lucky linus goes bitless, it's not for every horse!!

  7. That picture of you and Bear with the row of yellow leaves in the background is AMAZING!! Your new bitless looks wonderful. It is beautiful and Bear looks very happy in it. I am so glad you posted so I could see more of the beautiful foliage in your area; you are right, I don't get sick of it. God's creation is so beautiful. Last evening, Terry and I were riding and we came out of the woods to the top of the power line to see the full moon flying over the gorgeous color spread below us. "Wow!" just fell right out of my mouth, and I was so thankful to be there to appreciate it.

  8. Thanks Donna Harold and Susan! This time of year I seek out the hardwoods! Just can't get enough of that color!! And u are right Harold! Just maybe the big fella will show his face once the leaves are gone. Lol so cool that u can ride Linus bit less too Donna! I tried the bareback with Reese on the trail.. Never again! Probably not with bear either... He can spook hard if he wants to! Lol


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