Thursday, October 17, 2013


So, I finally got my images from hubby's camera! Well, he finally downloaded them for me. Here are some promised images from the last summer, that go along with some of the stories I told!

First! Here are shirt images from going places with the Ride A Curly t-shirt! The first two are at stores, the last one is at an open air theatre that puts on play every 3 or 5 years, which has 400 actors and about 20+ horses and so in it, it is called the "Frankenburger Dice Game." The play is about a farmer revolt against a Earl/Count that was taxing them to the point of ruin. Sadly, the farmers lost their nerve and as punishment, the Earl came and made them dice for their lives. Neighbors were pitted against neighbors, asked to roll the dice, the looser went with the group to be hanged on the church tower. Not a very nice story, but a true one, and in honor of those who died, they make this theatre play so that people do not forget.

Here is an image from the play, this play is done on the field under a tree which marks the spot where the farmers had to dice. Horses and soldiers come over the hills rather far away, with hand held torches, it is very impressive.

On a more happy note, here are some images of riding the horses up to the mountain pasture. My friend helped me bring up the horses, and hubby walks behind with another horse on the hand and took some nice shots. I reported this a while back, I think all of this was in August.

In Fall, we have a lot of fog that comes up from the lake, here's a lovely image of the fog creeping up over the ridge.


  1. The farmers playing dice reminds me of a story well known here in the US called The Lottery, except that it is not true. Can't believe things like that actually happened.
    Your horse and landscape photos are very nice! I like your mountain road trail. Who are the buckskin and the bay?

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  4. (Had to delete earlier comments because I added the wrong link :(

    Thanks Susan! Maybe "The Lottery" is based on a true story like the Frankenburger Dice Game. It was not the only isolated incident, actually the farmer revolt lasted about 200-300 years if I remember rightly, and was in different areas at different times throughout Germany and Austria. It had also to do with religion (protestant against catholic). The farmers were protestant in this case, and were forced to be catholic by the Earl. This happened about an hour away from where we are.

    The bay on the left is ZZ Diamond Rain, she's a daughter of my show mare that passed away a year and a half or so ago, RR Rescue Me and our stallion Clooney. She is boarded with us for the last couple of years, and is visited regularly by her owner. We train her and get her used to many different riding experiences (like going to clinics, riding on trails and so on), the Grulla on the right is Grulla Vaquera Lark. She was bred by Donna Vickery in Montana and was imported to Austria at the age of 4 years old in 2003. She was the first horse we had trained by Walter Lukas, who then taught me how to train horses using Lark after that. I worked with Walter training DKH Glory, and later the two stallions Billy Jack and Clooney. Lark is an excellent and calm, quiet working horse, she can be a bit stubborn when a student is riding her, but she really does understand the minutest signals and is great to use to train other horses.

    When Diamond was in learning to ride trails calmly last year, I had her owner on board but on the hand, and we went down a steep ski slope together, Lark automatically decided to walk sideways down the mountain to block Diamond from bolting downhill, we formed a "T" me on Lark, Diamond with her owner on the hand. I told the owner don't pull on the mouth and just sit quielty on Diamond, and Lark and I will do the rest. This way we teach horses to work calmly through stressy situations. Lark's great. Thanks for asking!

    Oh, and you can see now that Diamond is so far along, she is now leading her brother on the hand, so is passing on all that she learned to him. I love it, get all goose bumpy :).


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