Friday, October 11, 2013

Tack Tester!

‎So, I wasn't all that happy with the barrel saddle I last posted about. To quote Marjolein; "it wasn't a good fit for my ass" or my horse! So, I took to the same guy I got my previous saddle from and he sent me home with 2 others to try out. I really liked the one pictured here so kept it! It's actually the same brand (western rawhide) as my original saddle too. 
So, when we got to the farm today Owen informed me that he needed to try out the new saddle on Linus. My saddle met Owen approval so it must be a keeper! : )
After Owen had his ride, he told me I could have a turn - thanks Buddy!! I love that you let me ride my horse! At first all Linus wanted to do was enjoy some green grass! I think he knows it's coming to an end. However, his arse is big enough so our ride ended up turning more toward some schooling reminders. It went really well and in no time Linus was moving smoothly and very in tune with me. We ended on a good note and I'm hoping to go out for a ride this weekend. I'm trying to stay on top of separation. I'd like to try bringing my dog along since Linus used to love it when Essa (poor girl has now passed on) came with us. I'm kind of interested to see how he likes Tess coming along.


  1. Hey Donna, now that saddle looks to be in very very good shape, I would expect to see you riding this weekend rain sleet or snow, when you ride in the rain they get broke to fit your butt.... liked your pictures and have a great day. If you want you can send the saddle to Minn and we can get it broke in for you.

  2. Wouw thanx Donna! i am getting famous! you quot me hahahahhaha

  3. I had to Marjolein!! It was so funny!! Your comment really made me laugh!!

  4. Thank Goodness you have Owen's permission and approval!


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