Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trail Ride with Great Company!!!

Earlier this week, my friend Bernadette and her big boy Lucas asked if we'd like to go out for a ride again this weekend. Of course we did!! She also wanted to ask other friends of ours which would have made a gang of 5 of us. So all week we bantered back and forth because the others had to truck cattle and we didn't know if we were going to ride nearby or trailer out to the Larose Forest where the Pink Ribbon Ride was. The decision wasn't made until about 10 this morning! Bernie picked Linus and I up and we trailered to our friends' parents' farm where her horse was. He is usually at her dairy farm near the Larose Forest!

The day started out quite blustery. I snapped a pic of the flag blowing in the wind to show how windy! I was not at all impressed when I loaded Linus. He pulled back, not even that hard and the brand new cotton lead rope I just bought broke in two!! Bernie grabbed Linus who was just standing there and she said the snap was stuck inside the end so if the rope had not have broke the snap would have. Linus will self load in our trailer but needs a bit more encouragement in Bernie's trailer. Luckily I have spares so we got a new rope and off we went! Linus was a bit antsy when we got to the Miller's farm. Lots of new sights and they are rebels and have white cows which Linus can't seem to wrap his head around!! He settled in pretty quickly though and wasn't a problem to tack up. 
Linus had a bit of a reunion too! Becky's gelding is RR Samurai and he is a Curly! He was owned by Lynn Ibrus who bred Linus so they used to live together!! So neat because Becky and I have known each other since elementary school and Linus and Sam came from almost 3 hours away from where we live. Unfortunately Sam was  a bit sore on a front leg. Becky's brother Matthew got on him to see how serious it was and Sam really didn't want to take the weight of a rider so we untacked him and Becky rode her sister-in-law's horse. A little QH mare who was stellar to head out with two geldings she had never met and leave her buddies behind!

Below are the pictures of Linus and Sam reuniting!

Linus looks all puffy and proud of himself for being all grown up!

We left the farm, crossed the road and went down through some fields and trails. The sun was gorgeous and the wind had died down.

The first part of the trail was narrow and the blackbirds were making quite a ruckus!

We crossed the Avonmore Road which is a busy enough road to continue on the other side with the trail. Or so we thought!! Linus and I have homework to do because he would not cross this flooded part of trail!! He was SOO close and I didn't want to give up on it but I didn't want to hold up the others either. Becky had a lead rope so we clipped it to Linus and Bernie started leading him from her horse. It was working until his hackamore pulled right off of his head!!! Yikes!! I had loosed the throat strap because it was too tight right before we left. Guess I should have left it alone. But, it is a new headstall and I think it stretched because afterwards I had to tighten it up!! Anyway, I wrapped the reins around his neck and he stopped dead. Then a transport loaded with rolls of wire came up the road and here I am on a horse with no headgear on!! I was just putting his hackamore back on as the transport went by us. My dear man did not bat an eye!! Boy that could have been a disastrous situation!! I see now why it's a good idea to keep a halter on but I do find it interferes with the hackamore : / No harm done so we decided to turn and take the trail back the other way.

The water Linus would not cross! It would have been a couple inches over his ankles. I will be working on this with him for sure

Love the leaf carpets we had!

We all wore a bit of orange for hunting season! Last time my Curly gear was covered in pink, this time my Curly gear was covered by an orange vest!

This tree looked ready to crumble at any moment but the horses didn't mind

We came to the end of the trail we were on. Well it continues across the Raisin River which I totally forgot about. Bernie wanted to cross it for the heck of it and Lucas was game. There is not a thing he won't do for her! They've been partners for over 4 years and have an amazing bond.

He is 1/4 Arab, 1/4 Percheron and 1/2 Friesian

So we turned around again and took the trails back to County Rd 18 which goes through a small 4 way stop town called Harrison's Corners.

At one point Bernie said "hey look a deer" and three sprang up from their hiding spot and jetted off through the cornfield. They made a lot of noise and all of our horses spun around but nobody spooked so was great!

I took the above picture to show the size difference between Red and Lucas.

Here we come, into Harrison's Corners! I had to take pictures, I have never ridden anywhere this built up!

We came to a Stop and 2 cars waited for us to cross.

We picked up the trail again and headed North..

We wove through some places and were going to follow the power line back to the main roads but it got too swampy so we turned back and took the trail all the way to Eamer Rd and then back to the Avonmore Rd

We met two horses who followed us but no horses called out or anything

And they had beautiful fall decorations out too!!

So did the neighbour!

Back onto the Avonmore Road. We are now North of Harrison's Corners.

Back into Harrison's Corners. This is only a few minutes East of where Bernie and I live and about 1km West of where we started out.

Bernie was telling me about trying a "selfie" pic, so naturally I had to try it!!

We cut into some fields and headed back to the starting point!

We let our hard working boys enjoy some grass before loading up and heading home! Here's where we had more fun. Linus pulled back when loading, again not really that hard I thought. He didn't drag me or anything and the ring on his halter broke! So again he was standing at the trailer door loose! I made do and we loaded and off we went! So I now have a halter and a lead to return!! Ugh!! I don't like him knowing these things break. I should have followed Bernie's lead and put his rope halter on him! Or his leather one. 
All malfunctions aside we had a fantastic day. Beautiful weather, great company and kickass horses!! What better way to spend a late fall day. We were out for 4 hours on the horses. That's a new record for Linus!
Next weekend is the Halloween ride!! Cannot wait!!
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. Sounds like a wonderful ride, Donna, and some good learning lessons for Linus! Your quaint towns are grand, and it is a big deal to ride on the roads like you were and have traffic go by you, especially with no head gear! Can't wait until next weekend!

  2. What a ride!!!!!!!! Linus has definitely graduated into being a Big Boy. Wow, I just loved this. You two have come so far! It has been such a trip watching Linus grow from a yearling to this, a very-mature-for-his-age young adult. I am so proud of the way you have handled him and trained him. This is just incredible. HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!

  3. You ladies are going to make me blush!! I'm so darn proud of him! The water crossing is bothering me though!! Must get at that!! My friends and husband told me I'm being too hard on myself and that for a young horse on his second trail ride, I shouldn't worry about it! But it is good to have something to work on! I can't wait to finish work today and go see him!!

    1. Heck, this happens all the time - don't let it bother you - but you're right, it is something you can work on. If Linus never made a mistake, how could you train him? This is what I am going through now with Nike. He has been through water many times, but last night he refused to cross a wide brook. I just waited him out until he shook his head at me, and then he got a smack and over the brook he went. :) You know your horse; Linus will do fine with you in charge.

    2. Definitely don't worry about it, Donna! I'm not much of a trainer, but if my horse was as good as yours at his age, crossing water is a little thing in the big picture!

  4. Hey Donna, great ride and good pictures, I agree with the other ladies that you have an awesome horse, When I take Curly boy out I always leave the halter on him, that way when I give him his sweetfeed at the halfway point and can quickly tie him to a branch or drop the leadrope, and I have had headsets break or fall apart as some of them are old like me so easy to break, the water thing is easy as you will soon see just keep at it and he will soon learn as he is a smart horse,,,Thanks again for the great pictures and fantastic story, Have a great pumpkin ride too

  5. SOOO awesome, Donna!! It is so cool to see these big rides with you and Linus.....and such good friends! VERY neat that Linus and Samari got to have a quick reunion...maybe next time they can share the trail together. I agree with everyone - don't be so hard on yourself. It's SO easy to focus on the things that weren't perfect, than to ALL the many things that went right. Little by little you will see improvements with the water...and he will soon love it! There is so much new to get used to -- he is doing so amazing!

  6. We're hoping they can soon share a trail ride soon!!
    Thanks so much for the encouragement! It is much appreciated!! I feel like a "grown-up" in the RAC now to be posting these big trail rides : )
    Love it!!! : )