Monday, October 28, 2013

Lesson Horse

I actually have two Curly Tales to tell from over the weekend, but this one will be short but sweet.  AhD was a lesson horse!  Yep, my 8-year-old niece Layla rode him on Saturday in the winter paddock.  Saturday was Youth Day, the day when Maine youth come out of the woodwork and head into the bush I mean woods Donna to hunt deer with all manner of loud shooting devices.  Needless to say, it is not a day for our customary trails.
Anyways, Layla was not impressed with either Nike or AhD (she tried both) because they were "too hard!!!!!" AhD is too sensitive and Nike too green to fill in the gaps for her like Allie does.  Allie ignores a lot of her mixed signals and just keeps plodding on his Eeyore way.  AhD does NOT.  He did humor Layla and was nice, but this experience did point out to her to be more careful in her cues.  :)
Layla is standing on the muck bucket to reach AhD's throat latch.  I just love the look of concentration on her face.  And look at AhD's expression!  Priceless!

Learning to turn.  Avoid the Haflinger obstacles in the paddock!.

Nice heel cue! Offside rein allowing room for the turn! Gentle tug on the inside rein!  You go, Girl! And, again, look at my sweet boy. :)

Layla uses the Li'l Dude stirrups left over from my kids. Oh, and Harold - please note - you went along for this ride, too, pinned right on your favorite color saddle blanket.

One concentrating, one listening
Oh, and I almost forgot, when Layla and AhD were just setting out, AhD shook all over - you know that bone chilling shake which rattles your brains inside your head - and Layla almost fell off.  The horn smacked into her chest (she called it her heart) and kept her from flooping off the side.  Much to my glee, I got a full view of it because I was in front of them walking backwards.  Layla was in shock but I was laughing my ass off. (Marion has given me permission to use that term)  I think Layla got over her scare quickly because 1. I was laughing so hard and 2. I commiserated with her because I've been there done that, and 3. I told her AhD only did it because he felt dusty. Layla is a Drama Queen and acted out the story for her mom when I brought her home.  The second telling was almost as funny as the first.  Almost. :)  ~Signed Bad Auntie Sue and "Hard" Boy AhD in Maine~

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  1. You and your rebel horse!! He looks like he is being so careful with her! I like those little stirrups. Owen uses them and the wraps them around his chest and plays with them for an hour!


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