Monday, October 7, 2013

Cool, Wet Fall

Seriously Marley and I haven't fallen off the earth, we just have been keeping busy training at home, riding with friends and family, and enjoying what is now left of the rest of the year.  Since I had last posted we have worked the county fair security, ridden in several parades throughout the summer, went on several trail rides together, and have attended many trainings.  This particular one happened this past weekend at an army base camp.  We go to those trainings so we can keep sharp in our skills in case there ever is a call out where our assistance is needed.  We learn from other counties how things are done or how maybe things could be done better.  The weather really wasn't the greatest but the friendship is always the best!  To recap the day, the group is given a situation and we are to figure out how to work it and get everyone home safe.  I can't share alot of details with you because of policy but wanted to let you know what we did and you can see a few pictures.  Maybe too now that things have started to slow down I can post alot more and maybe do a few blogs with photos of what we did this summer :)
Marley is such a good boy while I try and read the compass

Our convoy or part of them, this was so cool to see!

Yep heavy tree cover, I was the only one wearing chaps, and they did come in handy.  Ducking to get through some of the trees.


  1. You do the absolute coolest stuff with Marley!!!! Good to hear from you and to get a taste of what you have been up to.

  2. Hello stranger, glad to see you out and about with your good horse Marley. summer slipped by fast and winter is coming, Have a great fall and keep an eye out for bigfoot

  3. I agree with Susan! You and Marley do get up to the coolest things! Hopefully you will get to post more now, love hearing about your outings!


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