Thursday, October 3, 2013

Birthday Upgrades!!

‎This morning was beautiful so I took Linus out for a ride to keep up with the separation. It went really well and we went the other direction this time too. I turned around though because the saddle wasn't feeling just right - Linus has lost another hole on his girth!! Yay!! 
For my Birthday, the girls at work got me a gift card to a local tack shop. I had been thinking of a trade in on a saddle with leather in better condition and the underside in better condition too! It was such a beautiful day for the drive so off I went and made the trade to the new one shown in the picture. Well, it's gently used, not brand new. It's a Blue Ridge barrel saddle. The seat is a bit different to my previous saddle but it was very comfy when I tried it this afternoon and Linus seemed great with it. We did a bit of walk and trot. 
So, because of this I actually had 2 rides on him today : ) he had a few days off after his big trail ride on Sunday...ahem, Cyndi still waiting... : )
Hope you're all enjoying some beautiful and sunny weather like we have been : )


  1. I hope you had a great birthday and who deserves a new saddle more then Linus ???? A great horse deserves a comfy saddle, nice looking saddle to I might add Have a great day with a great horse

  2. Nice saddle! Linus looks like he is falling asleep. Two rides...nice!

  3. That is a great looking saddle - I hope to get a nice western saddle one of these days, might try team penning again LOL
    Shelly in Summerland, BC


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