Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July & more!

 Happy Riding Everyone!

I expected to see more 4th of July parade photos from you all here in the USA. Maybe you are still making time to post them. =] I hope so! =] It was a strange year here in the U.P. of Michigan. Out of the 3 neighboring towns who had parades, Karen and I were the only ones that brought our horses. That is really unusual for this area.

I really wasn't planning to do the parade this year either, but with my friend Karen's encouragement, I decided to participate. Bear and I have been in 2 parades prior to this but it's been a while.  We had a great time! Wish we had more pics but this was all we got, sorry!

Me and Bear

Karen went as the fallen soldier. It was very touching.


 The next day we got a visit from a friend who has a 5 year old daughter who has been dying to ride a horse. But she had just as much fun leading Bear! It was so cute.

"Stop, stop...eating!!" =]

Then Laura Kibler (RACer) came up for a ride with her amazing curly, Billy. It was a warm day but the breeze kicked up and it made the day incredible. No bugs! =] We ended with a dip in the lake.

Laura Kibler & Billy!
Rocky and Bear. Rocky is learning to love the water. =]

This week I took our Jack Russell, Ruby on a short trip across the road to the lake. It's wonderful on these hot days to have the lake nearby to let the animals drink and cool down. Ruby recently had eye surgery so she hasn't been as active as normal. I was surprised to see her swimming next to us as we waded out in the water. It was so cute! Both dogs really trust Bear..he is such a gentle boy.

Wishing you all a great rest of the summer of riding! Get rested up for the August RAC Game!

Denise Conroy in Michigan =]


  1. The pictures and the videos were great! I love that GO USA picture of you and Bear, and it was nice to finally see a picture of Laura and Billy! Glad you are enjoying Bear so much.

  2. The pictures of Bear with the little girl are so adorable!! What a treat that must have been for her! I agree...I've been waiting and waiting...and waiting for more posts from 4th of July outings!! i'm hoping a few more will trickle in! Nice to see you getting lots of ride time in!

  3. Oh boy that video of her "dragging" Bear is just too cute!

  4. Thanks Susan and Donna! Mya was so adorable in her little skirt and tee that read "don't be jealous" LOL. It was really fun to test Bear with such a little one and see how great he was with her. =]


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