Friday, July 5, 2013

Ryding Bucky

After a long time not posting on the RAC I found some time....(and didn't forgot my camera ;)

My trail rides with Cinderella are going verry well.

It's holliday time for my kids so we have a lot off time to practice with Bucky, to be a good child pony.
And he is doing verry well!
He is verry sweet and never expected...he is patient!


  1. SO cute Marjolein!! He really is turning into a fantastic kids' pony! He looks like he's just lapping up all the attention!

  2. Hi DOnna,
    He was a really bad boy!
    he bit or bite...don't know how you call it.
    didn't give me his feet...
    didn't understand the difference between your space and his..
    i bought him in march this year....
    we work with him several times a day...and he loves it and is doing verry wel!!!
    thanks for the comment!

  3. Okay Marjolein, I gotta ask great pictures and nice looking horse, but what are they into on the last picture ?? My eyes are gettiong old so I need you to tell me, Oh yeah if you wasn't so sweet he wouldn't try to bite you

  4. Hi Harold, no it is my fault, i had to tell you more....
    after horse ryding i give them something nice to eat, (muesli)normally i only feet grass and hay.
    so my youngest daughter and bucky are looking together for some leftovers...

    thanks for the message
    greetigns marjolein

  5. wow, he is really coming along nicely!!!


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