Saturday, July 13, 2013

Keepin' at It!

No pictures today because I had no helpers but I did saddle up anyway! It was borderline too hot for me (I really am a wimp with heat!) but Linus handled it well and I gave us lots of rest breaks.
We ran the barrels a few times, I love how much this has encouraged him to move off of my leg! Then I moved the barrels (from his back again! Hee hee! I love that I can do this!) and we did some weaving. We trotted circles in both directions around the barrels too. I even had the saddle on a notch tighter! Our work is paying off - wonder when MY belt will go a notch tighter! Lol
Afterwards, once he was untacked and totally free to do as he pleased, Linus walked over and rested his head on me and I spent a good few minutes just scratching his head and ears. It's so nice knowing that whatever I ask him to do - he still likes to just be in my company!
Love my big man!


  1. Oh Donna, I think I am jealous of you, what a great horse you have a what a great partner Linus has, I think you two were made for each other,,, Have a great day

  2. Thank you Harold!! What a nice compliment! : )

  3. Thank you Harold!! What a nice compliment! : )

  4. I am melting here also! Linus loves you so much.

  5. It is now Tuesday here in Minnesota, I cut hay and found out my friend, I am getting old, really tuckered out, the weather is 91 degrees and high humidity, My butt is dragging,, But it is worth it when winter comes and my horses ask for food,,, When you gonna ship me that bull???? Christmas is coming you know

    1. You don't have to be old to be draggin' butt at 91 degrees and high humidity, remember that Harold. When is your birthday? Cuz a bull would make a nice birthday present as well.


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