Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It was so cool and beautiful while I was at the farm on my lunch break. I couldn't resist taking the chance to throw the bareback pad on Linus and have a little ride. Last week didn't present us with many opportunities to do much of anything! Linus doesn't mind trees at all when going through the bush or trails but he never did like the sound of leaves rustling above him if it was a single tree in an open spot, like on the lawn. So, we have a creative way to work on that!! Because leaves make a nice treat but he can't reach the ones from the tree in the pasture (they already have it well trimmed!) I decided to help. As you can see from the pictures below, leaves above his head are no longer a problem!!
I was alone at lunch but we all ate at the farm tonight so I got my hubby to come out with me after supper to take some pictures. I am surprised we ended up with any because he was laughing so hard at us!!

Teamwork for a tasty treat!

When he was done chewing Linus would stand and put his head up then look at me...I'd like some more please!

Love this shot he took through the leaves!

The cows were curious about what we were up to. Maybe next time I will take him in so we can cut a calf from the herd. Linus likes to do that!!

We had a fun and relaxing little bit of time together today! Loved it!!

Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, ON


  1. Donna, they are great pictures, you and Linus look so great and so much like you are enjoying each others company, what a great horse you have, and what a great trainer he has, job well done

  2. What great pictures! Two redheads. Can't get over what a handsome brute Linus is!!!! You two make such a great team.

  3. Wow Susan, I didn't dare mention redhead, I mention green and get chewed on, so that is why I didn't mention her flaming red hair,,,,

  4. Ha ha ha!! Haven't you learned by now Harold - red is good!! : )


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