Saturday, July 27, 2013

our holliday part 2

Because of our holiday i don't have a lot time to ride, and if i ride i don't have a buddy to make pictures so today my aldust daughter wanted to shoot some pictures...
Bucky is doing better every day on the lunge and learns real fast!
he can galop on the lunge as i made a sound.
Cinderella and i had difficult with the STOP....
i mean when you go in galop and you want to stop immidiatly!
now this went very well also!
very proud of cinderella and bucky.
just 2 more weeks and the school holiday for kids will be over and  i get a big paddock/pastern(??), to ride.....offcourse i will miss my kids when they go to school again but can't wait till to get back in the sadle and start our training again.

on the last picture you can see Cinderella wants to
whisper in Bucky's ear!!!


  1. Sounds like you are doing well in your lunging training. That last photo doesn't look much like whispering to me...looks more like silent yelling. p.s. the word you were looking for is "pasture." You do such a good job with your English! I can't imagine having to blog in a different language.

  2. I agree with Susan! Your English is exceptional!! And your horses look wonderful!

  3. Hahaha you mean terrible Donna??? hahahhaha



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