Friday, July 12, 2013

Sunny, in Eastern Ontario

It's been awhile since I posted but that's not because I haven't been riding my Curly!  Infact, lucky us, we ride almost everyday!!  Every second day of the week, we usually go for a couple of hours.  Each day on the weekend.. a few more hours and then almost every evening, after the children are put to bed, I have the great pleasure of hopping on my boy for an evening, bareback ride on our trails with our 5 dogs :-)) 
In the past I have been a bit nervous to ride bareback but with Sunny, he gives me SO much confidence.  He has only been trained for riding for 7 months but we go everywhere together!  We go out alone, with others or meet up with others.  This horse is such a champ.  Like most other Curly's, he is so cool and collected.  His unconfident moments are mild and short. 
We play together at home, on the ground, online and at Liberty.  Then when we ride, we are so much more connected.  He babysits my children almost as if they are his.  He's good on the road, over bridges, running water, mud and I think we actually SWAM a stride or two on one our last long trail rides.  My husband grew up with sleigh / driving horses so I was going to develop Sunny into sleigh horse this fall, since he is 'my' horse, but to my delight, when I asked my husband if he would like to help me in Sunny driving development.. he said, enthusiastically, "yes"!  So, although I'm going to continue enjoying this 'Sunny' summer... I'm also looking forward to the fall and our driving training!


  1. What a beautiful and gentle Curly! I am glad you get to ride him so much. He sounds awesome.

  2. Awesome horse Cyndi!! LOVE the last picture with your little ones on his back! I just had a pic of me taken somewhat like that on Linus but yours is definitely way cuter!! : )

  3. Oh my gosh, that last picture should be framed! What a gorgeous curly!


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