Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holiday Riding in Maine

Susan and AhD
What a lovely End of Holiday ride we had last Sunday!  At the crack of dawn (literally) I loaded Ah-D and Allie into the trailer and Kate and I were off to Poland to ride on Ulla's trails.

Susan and Ah-D, Kate on Allie, Luvon on Indi, Ulla on Gabby

There are some unbelievable trails in Poland.  This particular one runs right along the edge of a new beaver pond.  I was on the lookout for beavers, but they were hiding.  There was evidence of them everywhere, with massive trees lying around, pointed on the ends by beaver teeth.

We went on some back roads, too.  Hardly any traffic.  Well, of course it was about 6 am Sunday morning, so DUH.  Ah-D and I must have been hanging back with Allie when I took this shot.  Poor Allie had his work cut out for him to keep up with the rest of us, but he did great.

I took this shot as we crossed a bridge.  What a view!  It was so peaceful and fresh.  We covered a lot of ground in the few hours we had before the daytime weather descended like a hot, wet blanket.  It was wonderful to be out with like-minded friends on well-behaved horses, just in the nick of time before the Deer Fly Season starts in earnest here in the Northeast.
Happy Trails, Everyone!
p.s. If you hear a rumor about my giving up my Curly for a motorcycle, don't believe it.


  1. you ride at 6 am in the morning???wow!

    i like you pictures, Always beautifull rides!!

    greetings marjolein

  2. Early morning, best time to ride!!! :) I'm an early riser anyway. I'm half-dead by 8 p.m.

  3. What a great ride Susan! I love riding early like that too! What beautiful trails and sounds like amazing company..human and horse alike. =] Those beavers can be noisy! we had one flap it's tail in the water as it dove and scared Cheyene to death. LOL I am glad you are not giving up your curly for your motorcycle! AHD would miss you terribly! And we would too!

  4. Tough choice if you had to make or motorcycle? Glad you get to have both! :)

  5. Very nice ride!! There is something special about being up and at it before everyone else.

  6. Susan, you make me drool over the country you get to ride in, in a couple of weeks Rainee and I will again attempt to ride in Canada, pretty country there too... On my bucket list is to ride in the North Dakota Bad Lands, you can see so much on horse back there that it is awesome,,,,That one will be done in Sept,, But I can't post it cause I won't be on a Curly,,,,,,,,DAGNABIT,, AhD is a lucky horse to have you for a friend,,Here is to great bike riding too..


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