Monday, July 29, 2013

Far away visitors! I mean REALLY far :)

This past weekend I had some really awesome guests from MONGOLIA.  One of my guests was my good friend who lives in Mongolia with her husband (they are there for work) and the other two were a couple that they have become friends with over the years that they have lived there.  These visitors from Mongolia have never been on a holiday, never been on a plane, never left Mongolia and now here they are in Canada having an amazing holiday!..... What I can say though is that they CAN really ride horses! 

I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive about taking out these people who don't really speak any English (thankfully my friend speaks Mongolian) and I was also quite proud to be able to put 5 out of 7 riders on Curlies!  The two exceptions were my partner Warren (he was on his NSH) and my other friend who was taking the picture for us (she was on her own horse).

The riders and horses are (from left to right)
Warren on his NSH

Baagii (he is a REAL horseman!) on *Charm
Saraa (Baagii's wife) on *Serenade
Me on *Tessa
Julie (my best friend) on *Cuervo
Anastasia on *Joe
The highlight of the day though, was Baagii asked if he could gallop *Charm and I said sure, so we went to the top of a hill and he came galloping up after us - he was standing up! (Mongolian style!) on my beautiful Curly horse *Charm!  It was amazing and I sure wish that I had managed to get a photo of this, but I will forever have the memory of it!
Here is one more of us on the trail:

Shelly in Summerland, BC Canada


  1. That is so friggin' awesome, Shelly! Have you spoken to Mitch about this, he is so into Mongolian Curlies, and wants to go there some day! You should get in touch and share infos, and experiences. Beautiful post!

  2. That is AMAZING!!! Wow, what a story! I have seen a few shows on TV about the Mongolian horsemen and their ponies, and the way the boys (and girls? not sure...) race miles across the desert. And they make some sort of staple food out of their mares' milk. ewww to us, but I am sure delicious to them. You are blessed to have experienced these visitors in your home. How incredibly AWESOME, Shelly! Oh, and I saw Andrew Zimmern on a little Mongolian pony, too. (Pretty comical, he's not exactly a horseman like Baagii). I would have loved to have seen Baagii galloping standing up. Are you going to try that?

  3. That is really awesome!! I am so wanting to go to Mongolia and feel and see what it is like there. I hope Mitch goes there too and see what he can find out about the Mongolian Curlies.

  4. I do believe that it was an amazing experience for all of us! They told us repeatedly to come to Mongolia to ride with them.... we shall see!
    In the meantime, my friend, Julie, has helped them set up a website for their riding camp, here it is:
    We had a lot of discussions about the horses of Mongolia and I am quite convinced now that these horses are the main original source of our North American Curlies. Also, their language sounds like Native American language!

  5. Amazing experience Shelly!! I have also seen shows on TV about the Mongolian horses and their people. They ride like they were born on a horse!! And it was really something to see a fully grown man get on a "pony" where his legs were not that far off the ground and gallop off. Their horses are so powerful and tough too! Their influence in the Curly breed does seem to be very strong!


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