Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hacking Around Town


Evening shadows
That heat and humidity in Maine broke just enough for Ah-D and I to enjoy two evening rides the past two days.

Nothing spectacular to report, but in this case no news is good news because both rides were so enjoyable and laid back.  Love my Curly, love riding with family and friends, life is good!

My son Ian on Al
Sunday evening after a fantastic family trip as local Maine tourists (we went to the Penobscot Bay Observatory and Fort Knox), Ian and I braved the deerflies to take the "Jim and Nancy Loop" across the road.  Ian likes that one because we go fairly fast on the way home, as fast as Al is willing to go. :)  All four of us were very well behaved and not that fast...but Al did give Ian a really nice canter on the very last leg home, so that was nice of him.  When we crossed through our neighbor's dooryard at the beginning of the trip, Ah-D was spooked by the kids swimming and splashing in the pool.  Thank God for muscle memory is all I can say.  He was really startled and spun around, but he didn't take off, and when I turned him back around, he put his trust in me and passed by those horse-eating scary wet fun-loving kids. :)  What a good boy he is!

Monday evening Terry came for an after work ride.  I just love those rides!
Terry on Al

Riding the edges of a big field

We dawdled everywhere we went.  The horses were very relaxed.  We tried to avoid the deerflies, and they weren't that bad! We veered off Back Street to ride around the edges of a big field and also to take a small grass/dirt road.  Terry is working her way up to becoming comfortable at trotting.  Last night, she ALMOST cantered on Al...maybe next time!  She wants to go back to Popham Beach; that wish sure doesn't hurt my feelings any!!!  She said our beach ride last October was one of the best experiences of her life.  So, so glad I invited her! I also had an incredible time. 
I am not wishing the summer away, though.  Horses are not allowed on Popham until October, andAhd-D and  I have plenty more rides between now and then, God willing. I also have an Acadia National Park ride and/or drive on my mind lately, I just need to find a way to make it happen.
Happy Trails!
~The Maine Tourist Board, AKA Susan and Ah-D~


  1. I just LOVE the Maine Tourist Board!! It worked for me: Mom and I went through part of Maine a couple months ago. Shopping in Kittery after being to Hampton Beach!! I may have to go back in October though...but maybe this time to Hebron...to ride a Haffie....
    What a nice compliment for you to know you helped give Terry such a wonderful experience that she obviously cherishes : )

  2. If you come to Maine in October...oh man, we will have FUN! If you visit me we can share Allie and Ah-D, ok? I will be your tour guide, whether we are in Hebron, Phippsburg, or Mount Desert Island. :)

    1. I'm dreaming big on the Phippsburg (Popham Beach) and Mount Desert Island (Acadia National Park), but hey, who knows...it could work out!

    2. I'm loving the sounds of this! If I get myself to Maine I definitely trust you as my tour guide!! : )

  3. Okay Susan, did you paint AhD's ears or what??? I must admit that Terry person looks great on a horse, You guys must have had a great time riding by the looks of the smiles, One never know what goes through the horses mind to make them bolt like that Susan, I guess that is why one should never totally relax even on a great horse like AhD, Thanks for the pictures and story

  4. Terry is one beautiful lady inside and out, and when I mentioned that I would be blogging, she said, "Say hi to Harold for me." Ah-D lost his fly mask somewhere in the pasture and Dana must of bush hogged over it because it is nowhere to be found, so now I am stuck with the crocheted ear nets to keep the deer flies off his ears. White, black or navy blue.


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