Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day Pictures!

Even though we had our "big ride" the day before Canada Day, I still had to do some pictures as I have in all my previous years with Linus! He was born and bred in Canada after all!

I really wish my lens hadn't been smudged in the above picture. I think it's a great head shot of him!

"If you're going to stick things in my halter I may as well see if they're edible!"

This is my 5 year old son, Owen, riding Linus. It has been a while since Owen was on Linus and he was amazed at how much higher he was. Owen said he could see everything from up there! He's wearing a superhero cape so it's good to see Linus so clearly playing the part of loyal and trusty steed....when he wakes up!

I think he's wondering what the heck I have on my feet...who says you can't ride with Crocs on??

Handsome fella!! 

Of course we had to try Tess' patience too! She is my 9 year old greyhound mix. Most wonderful dog you could ever want to meet.

Last, but she will tell you herself that she is definitely not least, Wee-Mac Foxy! One of our Angus cows. A very spoiled one at that! She was born thinking she was a lap dog. This picture was taken when she came up for her daily "extra" ration...she leaves the herd and walks up to the barn and almost silently "mrrrrs" at us until she gets her scoop. It's a darn good thing cows can't talk! 


  1. Hilarious! Your dog looks so sweet! Is Wee-Mac Foxy a little "fluffy" from all that extra food?

  2. Donna great pictures and your horse I think is just another one of your kids, actually part of the family I would say,, all great pictures, hope you all had a great Canada day

  3. He's definitely part of the family Harold - thank you!
    She's not actually overweight despite the extra snacks Susan. She is raising a very nice bull calf though!

    1. Oh Donna, where did you get them fancy cowgirl boots??? they are really awesome looking,,will they fit the styrp are do you just use that style bareback???

  4. They're a bareback necessity Harold!!


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