Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Unexpected Trip to Vermont

me (Susan) holding Luna and Keri

Betsy holding Luna and her favorite mare Keri




me riding the wonderful Luna


One of my Labs came into heat on Thursday, which prompted an unexpected trip to Betsy Lirakis' Top O' The Hill Farm to introduce my Cameo to her Nic.  Well, OF COURSE we went riding while I was there!

Zoe riding Sassy
Zoe was schooling two western For Sale horses in the indoor when I arrived Saturday morning, and since I am blessed with a beautiful Bob Marshall treeless western, I offered Zoe to work them in that.  I then got to try each one.  I love trying out different horses!  Both Sassy and Finn were wonderful and were very tolerant of my sad ring-riding skills.  One thing I loved about both of them was how they stood stock still during the mount and dismount.  Amazing.  (Obviously, I need to be more consistent my Curly at home.) I had on my Converse sneakers and borrowed Zoe's helmet.  I had shortened my stirrups up a notch since my last visit to Vermont, but they were still too long what with my flat-soled sneakers, so when Betsy and I went out for a trail ride on Sunday with my flat-soled cowboy boots, I shortened them up two notches. Just right!

After the fun stint in the indoor, we headed out to visit a herd of Betsy's horses out on pasture. 
Hey, we have visitors, oh boy!
OYY Splash Dancing Freestyle, a handsome BIG 4 month old colt
OYY Foxy Lady, a pony filly almost too cute to be real
 All of the horses were glad to see us and came running right over to be scratched and petted. Heaven!  Lots of beauties, especially Rita and Arabesque.  I purposely did not take pictures of either of them.  I do not need to fan my ardor; I am perfectly happy with my Ah-D.

Betsy, Vicki and Glen observing Zoe working with Nooner
Back at Top O' The Hill, we found Vicki and Glen had arrived while we were gone.  Vicki was working her lovely buckskin pinto Curly mare Nooner. Vicki had been trying to get Nooner to cross the bridge with no success, so Zoe kindly worked with them to achieve the desired result. Vicki tried out my saddle before she and her husband Glen left with Nooner and Promise to go back home to New York.  I meet the nicest Curly people when I am at Betsy's!

Sunday morning,  Betsy and I took out the mother-daughter team Keri and Luna.  Betsy of course rode her favorite mount of all Keri, while I had Keri's daughter Luna.  What a super mare Luna is!  I would volunteer to ride her ANYTIME!  Steady, forward, responsive, comfy , the perfect size and beautiful to boot.  Who could ask for more?  She is a lesson horse and very even-tempered.  I liked her very much, and she was very good for me, so I assume she liked me right back.  Besides all the items previously listed, one of my favorite things about Luna was the consistency in her gaits.  When I said trot, she trotted until I said walk or canter. She had limitless energy like the Energizer Bunny.  I really enjoyed that about her.  What a nice mare.

We did an eight mile loop on dirt roads with a few meanderings thrown in, and one track back for my sheepskin tush cush after a long canter up a hill.  Shame on me! :)  Luna didn't give one hint that she was annoyed at having to backtrack, and she was not barn sour in the slightest bit, so that was very cool.  Luna and Keri were very well matched speed-wise as well, so Betsy and I were able to ride side by side and talk-talk-talk about the most interesting topics.  What a blast!  Have you ever heard of the theory that the Vikings built most of the stone walls in New England, not the English homesteaders??

Harold, check out this stone wall.
It is a work of art all in itself.

snooping ;)
We spied a vacated house for sale, and since I am nosey I turned Luna in to check out the grounds.  They had mown trails around the property, so of course both Keri and Luna had to poop while we were there.  Isn't that the way?

It was incredibly hot.  I was pretty tired by the time we got back, I think from the hot, humid weather more than the eight miles, because that isn't exactly long distance.  Boy, did we see some pretty country.  One of these times, Betsy would like to take me to the river which is ten miles from her place, with the idea that we will play in the river and then ride the ten miles home.
Keri will do anything for Betsy!

I'm hoping to be posting a sequel to this post in a few weeks when it is time for Cameo to come home.



  1. Boy oh boy Susan, you sure have the right places to go and ride, I am more then envious of you!!! Sounds like you had a great ride and good to excellent company,,, I really do like the stone wall, somebody worked very hard on that one for sure,,, Did you see bigfoot tracks anyplace?????? Thanks for the good story and have a great day

    1. When you go to The Badlands again, I am going to be envious of YOU! :)Forgot to look for Bigfoot, shoot! Maybe next time, but I bet he is treading water all day because of this hot and humid streak we are having in the Northeast.

  2. Ooooo...this was SO nice to see Betsy, Zoe and their horses again! And how blessed you are to live so close and pay them a visit from time to time! I sure enjoyed your pictures and ride with Betsy! Luna sounds amazing! Can't wait for part II!

    1. It only took me four hours to get there this time, usually takes me about 5 when all is said and done. I was driving a fast truck. ;) Luna IS amazing!

  3. SO jealous!! One day I'm going to do the same and go meet and visit too!!! : ) Lynn and I have chatted about it!! Nice to see you all out together!


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