Friday, July 12, 2013

More Progress!!

How nice that on a beautiful Friday afternoon, I had my husband with me and was able to have some pictures taken of us working! It's always nice to have someone around for a "leg-up" when I use the bareback pad as well. 
Kind of a funny one, I was reading an article about 2 weeks ago that a guy wrote saying he would never, ever again have a headstall with chicago screws in it. One fell out (not sure which) and was the cause of a pretty big riding accident for him. So, when cleaning mine last week, I noticed one missing on my headstall!! Thinking back to the article, I immediately sidelined it and ordered a new one!! Below is a pic of Linus sporting his new one. It matches his reins really nicely considering they came from different places!

I have for a while now wanted to try barrels with the bareback pad. I find going back to it every now and then helps me keep on top on my balance and making clear signals. I waited until I was on his back before I told my husband there was a good chance I might fall off trying this bareback! Thankfully, I didn't!
Of course Linus has to give the barrels a good sniff first!

He is really catching on to what we do at the barrels and we are starting to pick up speed!

They called from Calgary asking if we'd consider competing in the Stampede barrel racing but we were unable to make the trip......(ha ha ha yeah right!)

I tried a "lesson" I learned online where you start and finish in between two barrels. It helps to give the horse a start and stop point. Worked well! my husband was on the other side of the barrels so Linus liked to head to him for a head rubbing after we did each run!

I was pretty impressed today by his turns. 

It was nice that our best spot for barrels had dried up. Last week there was puddles here!

Hard to tell it in this picture but he is losing weight and look! He has a bit of curls showing in his tail!

And a big hug for my big red friend...

Hey look Linus I can reach to rub your neck from here! He loved that!

Ok, let's move the barrels and practice some weaving...normally I dismount to move them but I wanted to give Linus a test and see if he would let me do it from his back. It took a bit of maneuvering to get close enough to reach the opening on the barrel to grab it but he was so good about it!

Good job Linus!

The weaving went really well. 

Ah, time for a break!

The hayfields at the end of the trail that borders our farm have been cut today. So, in a few days we will have another spot back to ride in again! YAY!! Then I will really get at the separation even more. 

We're supposed to have some great weather (finally!) coming up! Hoping to be able to take full advantage!!

Have a great riding weekend!
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, On


  1. Well Donna, for years my headset has had screws and I usually check them, but like you my horse is well broke and I wouldn't worry to much about it, as I loose a screw I replace it with leather ties,,,, Yes I see the tail and yes I see an awesome well trained horse, He does a great job for you, You have done fantastic with him,,

  2. Awesome Donna and Linus! Look at you go! Such a good boy to let you pick up the barrels and move them too. And I love the new headstall. I worry about those screws too. I had some parade reins on Bear's that attached that way and decided to go back to my rope reins....seemed safer. Thanks for the heads up! Keep up the great work! You'll be winning speed classes in no time!

  3. Thank you Denise and Harold!! We're having a blast trying new things. I'm not so sure how many speed classes we'll win but we sure will have some fun doing it!!

  4. Handsome headstall for a handsome horse! You two are so talented, and what a beautiful picture you paint in your photos. Like you were made for each other...which you were! Linus looks a little more toned. If you think you are going to lose weight like anything that is MALE, human or animal, you can forget it!!!!!! ;)


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