Sunday, July 21, 2013

Showing our Curlies at Breyerfest 2013, Lexington KY...and a rescue

After weeks of preparation, making promotional brochures, script text, music, etc we where almost ready to head for the famous Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington to show our Curlies at the Breyerfest..
But then I got a phone call a few days before. A curly stallion was is URGENT need to be rescued in KY. He was in hands of a convicted animal abuser who was not allowed to have any animals.
It took a lot of effort true law enforcement, animal control (WHICH SUCKS IN KY excuse my language but it makes me so mad). Well making a long story short, we got him out of there and he arrived safe and sound at the Hidden cave Ranch. He is a gentle giant. The lady who saved told me he was 16.2H but I thought...well I have heart that one before, I have never seen a big Curly like that...until he came. He is huge ;-)
Meet  Bubba ( we haven't named him yet but he listens to this)

So that had been taking care of with stress on top of stress we headed out to Lexington.
I took Blue Eyed Jake our 5 year old gelding who is still very green, Mallie Berndtie, our dun colored and the best mare we have. And her 10 week old grulla gaited colt HCR Alshain Aquila. (for sale ;-) )
The trip went very well they all loaded good and settled in very easy. 
So that was one stress factor less.
The first day we had to show 2x in the morning and in the afternoon. The weather was hot and humid it took a lot of us and the horses. We where sweating soaked all day. Unfortunately my good horse friend Natalie had to work and could not come to help me and one by one every body dropped out. So I had a friend with me I didn't know very well. It turned out very good, however Mallie took over and she was not able to handle her and the foal. During the presentation Mallie pushed her over and they took off. I ended up ponying Mallie and she lead Alshain. My friend was so overwhelmed she didn't want to lead Mallie anymore. So we went to plan B. I put a lunging girth around Mallie and tight Alshain to it and that way I could lead them both. First I wanted to ride Jake and pony Mallie and Alshain, but I played it on safe and let her lead Jake and me leading Mallie. 
Outside people had to chance to meet and great the horses.
Boy, I think it is safe to say Alshain is broke to travel, broke to lead, broke to be petted and getting photographed and getting lots of applause. I am so trilled and proud of my beloved Curly horses. And also to represent the ABCR!
next year I am going to do a special show.

Marion Huurman, Hidden Cave Ranch, KY


  1. WOW, excellent job promoting the curlies!! Bubba sure is a big boy!! So awesome that you were able to fit rescuing him into your very busy schedule!

  2. Fantastic job making lemonade out of lemons and promoting Curlies! You are so talented and hardworking. I love that Jake, he is so handsome. I like your All American display theme. Animal Control tends to suck in a lot of places, many times because people's hands are tied and they cannot do the good that needs to be done to protect the animals from low-life humans. :( My hat is off to you in putting forth so much effort on the rescue.


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