Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fun in the Sun

Some free time this afternoon and a break from the crazy humidity made for perfect horsey time! I decided to not bring the barrels out and just ride! We worked on signals and walk - trot. It was a good afternoon!

 I forgot that my phone had a 2-way camera on it (when I use this feature, I can see myself on the screen so it's not so much of a guessing game when doing these self portraits) so I played around with it for a bit. Trying to keep it out of Linus' reach was a bit difficult!

I took a picture of him before tacking up to show that he definitely is getting into shape!

I had to pause during tacking up to take this picture - he was standing in the field, with Allie nearby. He's half asleep and has a hind leg at rest. I was tightening the girth at the time. What a good boy - I think a child could  tack him up!

Oh, I'm awake now - are we going for a ride?

Happy weekend everyone!! 
Donna & Linus
Lunenburg, On


  1. Dagnabit Donna, every time you show pictures I am totally inpressed with your awesome horse, congratulations on the way you have trained him,

  2. Thanks so much Harold!! That's a very nice compliment to get!! Makes me feel on the right track! : )


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