Sunday, July 21, 2013

Big Day for Linus!!

What I thought would be a regular barrel session today turned into a pretty big day for Linus. My hubby helped me move the barrels out to the front pasture and I tacked up. I forgot I had some rope reins that might be a bit easier to use for the barrels and they sure were! Linus stood as still and calm as in the pictures from yesterday for me to tack and mount up. He's such a good boy! Of course though the first thing he had to do was knock a barrel over while I was adjusting another one!! Dad now calls it "knock the barrel over" rather than turtle racing...I think we're moving up in the world!! At least we don't knock barrels over when we're running them...or walking them...I was happy that we trotted the entire pattern today!

After a few runs of the barrels, my husband, nephew and son came out front to watch and of course then the boys wanted a ride. Below is my almost 11 year old nephew, Griffin. He has always loved Linus and remembers the day we brought him home. It has been a thrill for him to watch Linus grow and now be able to ride him. 

Linus has always had a HUGE soft spot for kids!

Griffin was very thrilled that I let him ride Linus all by himself today. Linus followed me like there was a lead on him, but it gave Griffin a huge thrill. Especially when he actually did have to make Linus start moving on his own. He lives in the city and these opportunities for him are huge!!

Big smiles like that are PRICELESS!!!

Owen's turn!! Owen is my son and just turned 5 in June. He adores Linus and the feeling is definitely mutual!

He says he feels like a knight when he rides Linus. You can't see it but he has a Star Wars light sabre on his waist. He didn't want to get off, he was having so much fun! He kept wanting to go faster!

What a team they make!

Having a horse this awesome with kids just makes him worth his weight in gold!!

I had gotten off and realized I was the only one who rode Linus today but didn't have my picture taken....and I did promise Harold after all!! Obviously the sun was right behind me, I didn't notice this because Griffin was taking the picture. 

A little bit clearer!

We attempted a few shots like the oh so adorable ones that Denise had taken. The sun and Allie were not really cooperating though. In the distance my husband was keeping her away from us. She is very intrigued with Owen and he has no fear...she sometimes does so I like to keep her away from him in case she kicks first and asks later.

Nothing cuter than a little guy and his horse.

The sun rays kind of add a bit of character to this photo.

Puppy love ain't got nothing on Linus and Owen!

Griffin wanted to have a go at bareback. Linus was looking for treats in my Dad's pockets. He ended up flipping Dad's belt buckle right off and I had to laugh because it was actually MY Angus belt buckle that I had bought at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. I wore it to show that weekend and my Dad has "borrowed" it ever since. I bought it about 10 years ago, so it was a justified laugh! Dad was able to bend the prongs back on and fix it. 

I have the best helpers when it comes to moving barrels. This barrel went for a trip around the majority of the pasture before it got put away! Oh well, he sure had fun!

Off topic, after supper we baled hay and my Dad beeped at us from the tractor. He was pointing towards where the cows were so I thought a calf was stuck or something. The problem was a mama Mallard duck had her 3 ducklings out for a walk and she was desperately trying to get out of Dad's way but the babies were getting stuck in the hay. So, my husband and I had to pick the little ones up and move them out of the way. Mama tried pulling the broken wing to draw us away tactic but it didn't work! We got the babies to safety and afterwards saw them all reunited in the "pond that shouldn't be" in the cow pasture. They were so cute and so tiny! It was nice to help them. Of course I had left my phone in the house so couldn't get a picture! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Donna, Linus and the boys'


  1. Awww....those pictures ARE so adorable!! I can't believe you big Owen is getting! And linus takes such good care of both those boys...what a sweet horse. Of course, you have dedicated lots of time to him too and it shows! Also so awesome that your dad stopped the tractor for the baby ducks! So happy they all made it back together safely. Good job to you all!

  2. Love, love, love your posts! Cute boys, happy faces, happy horses, great senses of humor. :)

  3. Sure am glad you guys saved the ducks, I really like you barrel racing stories and how well you horse treats the children, Donna I know you don't agree with me but Linus is a very awesome horse, I have my haying all done, the weather held for me and I am a happy man now,,,Have a great ride

  4. Oh Harold I do agree with you!! My horse is pretty darn awesome!! Thank you :)
    Glad you have all your hay done. We now have first cut all done. It was touch and go with weather but we made it!


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