Tuesday, July 23, 2013

our summer holliday!

we now have summer vacation, the children have also holiday from school  so much time to ride i don't have.
I train a lot with bucky and play quietly with cinderella.
Unfortunately I have no one who can take pictures so I can't show much.
I wanted to let you know i still train.and i am stille there.
Bucky  could not only gallop on command ( on the lunge), and finally he understood!
He did it!
I'm proud of him and I let it asap seen on photo or movie!

greetings marjolein
there also was a fotographer to make a photo shoot for a verry nice magazine but i tell you all about it later!


  1. Sounds like you're quite busy Marjolein!! It's always nice to hear what you're up to, so happy you had time to post. I'm very interested in your upcoming article!! : )

  2. Me to Donna, it's not as easy as i thought it would be, i had to send some pictures...first they where to small, than to big, to dark, to light pfff asked a photographer..now i have good pictures and sended them in.
    It is a kidsmagazine, young kids who are allergic to horses will read horse magazines, older/adult people who have a allergy will not read them, why should they? thet are allergic and don't have time...so they will not know the curly horses excist....so my target will be kids!

  3. Excellent idea, Marjolein!I like the photo of you posing with Cinderella, but next time tell her to smile, too. :)

  4. I have a picture off bucky smiling!...send it you on facebook!!!

  5. Well Marjolein, now you have me wondering about your article, I will anxiously await some more news about that,, Looking good in your picture, horses look awesome also

  6. thanks Harold, we are all verry happy together!..me the kids and the horses...husband is not really a horse lover but he know's his opinion doensn't matter in my house hahahah!
    it will take some time before the article will be placed in the magazine, they still duscuss the pictures....pfff

    this is the magazine...

  7. http://www.penny.nl/

    this is the magazine i am talking about!

    greetigns marjolein


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