Wednesday, May 15, 2013

4 day Paul Dietz clinic with Jake.

Last weekend we hosted a Paul Dietz Horsemanship clinic. There where two clinics, foundation and a little more advanced Horsemanship. It is a lot of work hosting a clinic specially since we where waiting on our last foal to be born. FINALLY ( two weeks late) the day before the clinic started our mare Lady ( Goodesgold Impressive) gave birth to a beautiful black colt.

I was planning on riding my gelding Warrior Freedom during the Horsemanship clinic. Last year we did the foundation so I thought we where ready to step it up. Unfortunately his hoof was a problem. I don't know if you remember but a couple of months ago he had a huge abscess blown out. Now it is all grown to the bottom and a large chunk of his hoof was about to break of. IF that would happen he would for sure be lame. I did not wanted to take that risk and decided not to ride him BUMMER.

So I took Jake ( my horse Spirit was already "rented out"). Jake is only 5 still growing, very green and has no idea what to do with his long spaghetti legs sometimes. Also he doesn't trot or gait but does a bunny hope, camel gait. very uncomfortable. Later we managed to get at least a good lope, but we need to work on the gaits in between for sure.
The first day I was too busy getting everything and everybody organized so I started in the Horsemanship. That was a little to much for him, and also he became Mr. Studly with those nice mares riding around him. but it was a good experience for him and me and we accomplished a lot.
The rest of the clinic I rode him in both clinics so he was busy ;-) and he made such big progress.
Very proud of him. Here an impression of what we did.

Thanks for reading,
Marion Huurman
Hidden Cave Ranch Curly Horses, KY


  1. Fantastic, Marion! Wish I could have attended. We are taking a Western Dressage clinic this week-end and have our first performance with the Adirondack Drill team. Please give Blue-eyed Jake a hello from me!

  2. How fantastic Marion! GREAT job promoting the breed. Jake is so handsome! I just love how honest you are in your assessment of your horses - it makes the photos even that much more impressive because you make it look so easy! Love your western attire too BTW., you look awesome!

  3. Congrats on your new foal! Mama and baby look great :-)
    I love the natural horsemanship!!! You look great and your horse looks relaxed. So wonderful!

  4. Wow, Jake looked so supple and responsive! What a handsome dude, too. And you ain't too bad yourself, Marion; Denise is right, you make it look so easy!

  5. Thank you all for your replies. Appreciate it a lot!


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