Thursday, May 9, 2013

Morning Dog Walk

There's nothing like being a stay at home Mom :-)))  It certainly has it's challenges and can be tiring but of course the best things in life aren't always easy. 
When I got Sunny a few months ago, taking on a horse that had not been ridden before was going to be a challenge too, for someone like me who had never trained a horse before.
Well, it's been a blast!  Having great success, learning something new and developing an incredible bond with this amazing guy.  Along the way, showing my children that even adults don't know everything - we have to study, try (and try, and try again) and practice, fall off, get back on, learn some more and smile whle doing it!  School for adults :-) 
Anyhow, this morning was one of those highlights of 'it all coming together'.
It's me here with the two kids (4 and 2) and the horse and 4 dogs. 
Usually, the kids ride the horse while I lead on from the ground and we walk the dogs.  The kids were getting too big to share my little saddle and were banging helmets and fighting... so a friend of our lent us her 'buddy saddle'.  I was skeptical as I wasn't sure about one of my kids sitting on the horses rump but I tried it out a few times while I was riding him and walking him with no weight in it and he was good.  Then we did a few short sits in it and walks. 
Then we moved on to each of the kids having their own seats.  Yey!  No more fighting! 
This morning, we did our morning walk to the ravine with the dogs and kids riding.  On the way back, Sunny was happy and calm and I thought.... hmmmm why not... ;-)
How many shadows do you count sitting on my amazing Curly!?

Cyndi, Russell, Rose & Sunny in Eastern Ontario

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