Friday, May 24, 2013

Curly fillies at a show to Bordeaux

Hello Everyone !
I was going monday at a big show. 2 of my Curly fillies (born at home and sold) was showed to Bordeaux in France (maybe the name of Bordeaux means something to you, it is a big town in France, and the wine from Bordeaux is well know !). It is far around 500 km to my home and I was happy to go and see my fillies and give advertisements  and infos about curlies to people. Unfortunately the young girl forgot to feed them et and deworm since I sold my fillies 6 months ago and they was very tin. No really in a bad health, but poorly feeded... I was a little sad and ashamed, even though I tried to help the girl to care well her horses, I didn't know the matter. all her familly works with horses so I was thinking she was able to care. In the other hand, she did a good job with Handling and dressage.
Somewhere we was lucky because it was a day more for professional breeders, so they can see how beautiful is... the skeleton (not a joke really funny from me sorry) and maybe understand the errors of a young breeder. I hope the good grass and deworming who is ok for now will help my fillies to take weight again. I met presidents of sporthorses association and we have nice opportunity to work with them for promote the curlies (with healthier curlies I hope for the next time). Have a nice day everyone, Sophie


  1. Oh, Sophie, how disappointing it must have been for you to see your girls so thin, but it sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons (you made a positive out of a negative) and gained the attention of some professionals who could see their beauty. They do look lovely in the photos.

  2. My thoughts exactly, Susan!

  3. Thank you for your kind words ! I'm sure the young breeder will do something good, she loves to work with Curlies and is very gentle. The fillies loves her too. It was just a bad time... As you say I tried to do lemonade, I'm the president of the French Curlies association, so I try to do my job and promote all the Curlies. I hope we will have many French riders for the 2014 RAC, it is a great way to promote too, thanks to Denise !


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