Friday, May 10, 2013

A exciting day for Bucky!

My sweet Mare Cinderella is getting bald again....hope her new hear will folow verry soon...
I give he a lot off vitamines and minerals.........
Today it was Bucky first time ( since he is mine) trim his feet.... he always scrapes with his feet on the floor and now I have a mat...don't know how you call it in Englisch, but just something on the floor of the stable so he isn't standing on stone.....hope it will help to get his feet good in shape!!!

he is verry happy about his new shoes...

let you know if her hair grows back!!! or if you have advice...always welcome...
greetigns Marjolein Overbosch


  1. I can't tell for sure but that looks like normal spring shedding to me but maybe giving her an Iodine bath would help?

  2. yes, it is called a stall mat. Bucky is cute!

  3. My curlies shed like that too. At least some of them do. Don't worry Marjolein, komt allemaal goed ;-)