Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beautiful End

It has been a stormy day, but no rain, just lots of clouds, looking like it's going to rain and then the sun would peek out for a bit and then the cycle would repeat.  After I got done working, I wanted to take a ride and decided since it rained yesterday I would just ride from home, since the road wasn't dusty right now.  It's already too dry and clouds of dust come up when a car goes by. 

This winter the loggers made it possible to get down a two-track again, by putting a culvert and stone over a wet area that I couldn't cross before, so I decided to go back in there.  It's about a mile and a half down our road.  This is where it used to go down into a wet area and back up.  It's hard to tell now, but I'm pretty happy about it!
I was very pleased with Corky because it's been a few rides since he's been out alone, the wind was blowing slightly, like 10 miles an hour, and I knew we would encounter a car or two on our way there and back.  He didn't hesitate going out alone, the wind didn't bother him and he did great with the cars passing!  He did seem to have a problem of wanting to turn slightly to the right or left as we were going to the two-track, but he listened well and didn't do any abrupt turning to go back home to be with his buddies.

You follow along on a winding trail and then you get to the area where they logged.  It always amazes me what a devastating appearance a logged area is at first, but in a couple of years it won't be so bad.  Corky was glad for the clearing because once we hit the two-track the mosquitos seemed to have come from nowhere and in the clearing there was a breeze.  And not too far from this picture we came to where it meets ..... you guessed it!  The swamp.  Everything ends at the swamp.  Sigh.  Someday I'll figure out a loop if it kills me!

Corky is a really good boy about turning around and not becoming belligerent about wanting to go home.  His pace does pick up, but it's not like I'm having an unpleasant ride.  We came across another vehicle which was noisier and it did make him tenser, but he did really well with it.  He's a good boy.  One last photo on our way home.  The sky was blue, the breeze had quit and it was just an awesome late spring night.

Janeen and Corky, Upper Peninsula of Michigan


  1. I agree with you about the logging areas, Janeen, they are so ugly at first and it is so disappointing after the beautiful woods. However, they do grow back. Love the sky in your last photo. Sounds like Corky is turning into a dream horse for you.

    1. Yes, Susan, he is. I keep thinking either something is going to go wrong, or I should quit bragging him up because I look stuck up then, but he really is everything I wanted in a horse. He better live longer than me!


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