Monday, May 20, 2013

Something new!

Well, I'm very excited to report that Corky and I have started something new and we LIKE it!  I decided I wanted to try barrels, poles, et cetera.  We have a small speed association in our area and I've always heard good things about the group.  So I signed up and last week was our first lesson with a local trainer that has done that sort of thing alot.   As we pulled into her yard I wasn't sure how Corky would act with her horses out and about, but he came off the trailer and just looked around and remained calm.  He is such a gem!  We saddled up and went to the arena with the barrels in it and proceeded to receive instruction.  After a few times around she tape recorded it and here it is:

Here is a still picture of us practicing.

Yesterday was the first show and I signed up in Novice for barrels, poles, down and back and pylons.  My intention was just to trot throughout the whole thing.  I don't think Corky and I will ever break any records but our own and I'm just out to have some fun!  The weather was absolutely awesome!  It was mid 70's and sunshine all day long!  I got quite sunburned on my face and hands.  Yes, I put sunscreen on, but remember we just came off snow a couple of weeks ago, so we haven't had alot of exposure yet.

When we got there I realized I had never had Corky with so many horses so maybe this was just going to be a socialization exercise to learn how Corky was supposed to act.  There were horses calling and the majority of everybody acted just fine.  A couple of horses acted up, but nothing their owners couldn't handle.  Corky was excellent!  I don't know if he's done this before, but he answered a couple of calls, but never thought anything of it.  He drank whenever he was offered water and if tied to the trailer he just stood there and ate.

When it was our turn for our first class, I started out trotting and after the first barrel, Corky wanted to canter, but I held him back, but then I realized the arena was bigger and he had sort of figured out what we were doing, so I cantered him on the longer stretches in all the events.  In pole bending I anticipated too soon when I should ask him to turn and he turned before the pole instead of the pole, but we still did okay.  Here's a video of that event.

Here is a still picture of us doing pylons!

We had a really good time and Corky never once acted up.  He just did what I knew he would do.  Like I said, he's such a gem!  I'm so glad I found him!  And we can't wait for the next show!

There were five in our class and we took 3rd in three of the classes and somehow took a 2nd in the down and back!  I was pleasantly surprised!

Janeen and Corky, Dafter, Michigan


  1. Janeen, love, love, love this!!!! Oh man, that must have been so much fun! That's what I like to do, try something new with no expectations of much success and be pleasantly surprised. :) Corky is The Man! He was so cool, calm and collected. His canter was so nonchalant; how awesome is that? I think he really liked the whole thing.

  2. Great to see you finding something new and loving it! I love the pictures of Corky, he reminds me a lot of my first horse (not a curly) who has the same white on his face!

  3. that is awesome. It really looks like the both of you are enjoying it!


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