Saturday, May 25, 2013

Foster horse Jim ( aka T-bar), diamond in the rough. A blessing that's what he is.

Last year we took in 5 rescue horses in foster for Curly Horse Rescue. Also know as "the Kansas 5". These horses had been free roaming for at least 5 years with no human contact. All 5 where scared, not halter broke and untouchable and certainly you got not catch either one of them. One was very lucky and was already adopted out ( Woody) and just stayed here for some basic training. The other 4 needed a new home. We ended up adopting 2 ( Sam and Cinderella) and Jim ( Tbar) and George ( twotwo) are still looking for homes. They are both here in training now. George already proved he was a very easy trainable horse with a great personality. I have been riding him and he is getting better and better.  Jim however, scared, skiddish and not interested in bonding..It took me almost 3 weeks to catch him after we let him go on a 40 acre pasture with our other geldings. But now I started working him...THIS HORSE is the SURPRISE of the 5!! He is awesome. Scared, insecure, but a heart of gold and within 2 sessions a total different horse. He want to try so hard and is really looking to get a connection. This older gelding ( he is about 15) is a diamond in the rough!
Why it took me so long to start him?? Well I started with Sammy, since I adopted him and I thought he would make a nice little trailhorse for our ranch. Well...that didn't turned out so well. Sam can get very aggressive and will charge if he feels that's the only way out. He also is not looking into getting a bond with either human OR other horses. He hates to be touched and worked with. If you still try he will just shut down and it's like working with a shell. Luckily the last couple of months he is changing and he actually has friends now. He also comes to greet me and the last time I took him out and worked with him he really tried. So he will be ok some day but it is a longer journey with him than any of the other horses.
Sam and Jim look like twins, the way they move, they way they look, the way they take off together like DO NOT GET NEAR ME! I was a little discouraged by Sam, had a lot more horses to train so Jim was somewhat on " the back burner". Until now!
I took some pics of our first session in the roundpen and I took him true the obstacle course.

Started in the roundpen with the flag...what is this scary thing?

After about 10 minutes. Ow, ok it's just a flag I can handle that if you don't move it too fast.

What are those?? WHAT? I need to go true there....are you serious?

Well so far I could trust you, so you might be a good person..I will do it.

You know there is a shower curtain trying to attack me don't you????

 pfff glad you saved me from that scary thing.

                                 hmmm and you say this is the most scary obstacle of them all, according to all the other horses?? 
  I proof you wrong. I can do this no problem.
Soaking it all up in his stall for a couple of hours. 
Then we made him a nice pen in the grass. 

This is such a HUGE turn for this little brave OLDER (15) gelding.
I am so happy we can work together like this. Many times I wondered what did I got myself into taking all these horses in. Now a year later I feel like they are a blessing in my life. Great teachers each and every one of them.

Marion Huurman
Hidden Cave Ranch, Kentucky


  1. That must be an awesome feeling, making such progress with them! Good job, Marion!

  2. Aww....GOOD JOB, JIM! He looks very cute and trusting, Marion. I am glad he is a blessing to you.


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