Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Lakota and I have been working pretty consistently and 3 rides ago we were very comfortable just riding around the round pen, I could ask her to do anything, and she would go willingly. So, we took the round pen apart and started riding out in the real world, sort of. If my backyard counts, but it was a big step for Lakota, those portable metal panels make for some good mental barriers as well as physical ones. The first time I rode her outside she was very nervous, but we weren't having any communication hiccups, which is fantastic for us!! I took her out again last Sunday and we just walked around the yard, under low hanging branches, over ground poles, down part of the driveway. We just explored everything. So, on Tuesday afternoon I got on her outside and without any assistance we had the greatest ride ever!!! She was relaxed, not nervous, she went eveywhere I asked and understood everything I asked her to do (except walk through a wet spot where the hose was, but thats another challenge). So I am very excited to have a horse that I can finally get on and go for a relaxing ride, even if we do only walk and stay in our yard. I am content with our progress, but I am soooo excited to get this horse out on the trails, but that will have to happen a little further in the future.

- Amanda&Lakota


  1. I know exactly how you feel!! Congratulations - all your hard work is paying off!