Thursday, May 30, 2013

Facing fears

You know those times when you say you don't want to do something but then you do it and you're so happy you did? Well I had one this weekend.  Theo and I did some cross country jumping!  I love dressage, I love stadium jumping, I'm a bit of a weeny when it comes to solid objects but I faced my fears and we did so great!   I went with two other girls that are beginners and thier ponies just hopped over everything...not Theo he had to jump even the smallest bank or log or garden hose...  Yes anything with uneven ground is a jump to him. 

First we did some flat work and a stretchy trot with transitions.
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Then some small jumps

The next day we warmed up and then did some bigger jumps before going outside!


And here is some video of us doing cross country. you can't really tell but it was pouring down rain. It was so much fun after I got over my fear of jumping down those banks.  We jumped a ditch and did the water obstacle.  Theo was a bit excited and wouldn't stand still but once he had a job he was focused and listened really well to my aids.


  1. You are stretching your limits! CONGRATULATIONS! You two look great together, and that last jump is a big one!

  2. Good for you! The only jumps I've ever done have been unplanned and wouldn't even know how to start training for them. You should be proud!


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