Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sunshine .....

Wouw finally after 2 or 3 weeks we had sunshine, we had a lot off rain, clouds and a lot of verry hard wind!!!
The Netherlands didn't had this mutch rain since or how you call it...it was back in 1962(heard it on the news)

So now we had nice wetter I went outside with cinderella...
it was nice...because I don't have a (jet, it will come soon)good place like a paddock at home, and with all the rain it was verry wet and to risky to ride galop and trot so now today finally i could do some galop and trot, we also jumped in the field and after that we went outside.....

I am a little worried about Bucky because he is getting fat verry quickly...even whene he looks at grass he is getting fat!
So my kids ride him 2 times a week and I let him run as well...but today..I thought maybe I can sit on his back....it was verry funny....It is verry strange to sit on a small horse...it looks like ryding a camel to me!
so offcourse I ride him with a western saddle....it fits him well....but it didn't fit's me.....AU!
so I' am thinking off using a normal saddle whene I ride him...or does anybody knows a solution for this situation???except off me lossing weight waahhahahahah!!!!???
thank you all for reading our story
greetigns marjolein, cinderella and bucky

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