Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my sturdy nephew!!!

my nephew is afraid of horses and dogs.
this afternoon he visited us with his mother and maaike and anouk whined as long as it toke on his mind until he wanted to ride .... then sit on bucky ...!!!
when he finally told me and his mother he wanted to ride Bucky his mother laugh hahaha she did not believe that he really wanted ... but he said yes!
I saddled Bucky ... nephew put on his back, and he also wanted to trot ... he had fun!
great ... my cousin did not know what she saw but she was verry happy!
it's such a cute movie ... though it is very short!

enjoy the short movie.

Hope it will be good wetter soon....we have rain for days...just 24 hours....ahhhhh

greetigns marjolein

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