Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting Braver..

We had time for another nice bareback pad ride today! The temperatures here have risen quickly so I didn't push Linus too much. He is almost done shedding!! Getting shinier by the day with his sleek summer coat.
Today we headed straight for the front pasture and had another go around out there. Linus tried to test me a bit but I didn't let him get away with it and all was well : )
Then we went around to where I tried to ride the other day but it was too wet. There's now a nice, dry path that skirts another pasture and goes back to where my Dad seeded a pasture. Linus was hesitant the other day on it because it was boggy but after being chain harrowed for a few days it was perfect and he did the whole thing with a very forward attitude.
Next time I will saddle him up and get some fly spray too! I'm really enjoying the bareback pad though. It goes a long way for your balance!
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  1. I can't believe how shiny and shed-out he is! Lynn sure had a nice breeding program; he is gorgeous. Isn't he a grandson of Betsy's Lilly?

  2. She had a fantastic breeding program! I'm so lucky he's a smoothie or he wouldn't be mine! Lilly is his Grandma. OYY Uptown Girl is his dam.

  3. I prefer riding bareback. I always did as a kid, and rarely drag out the saddle anymore. Its just another thing to do, lol!


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