Monday, May 13, 2013

First Event of the Season

Well, this last weekend we had our first recognized event of the season.  I loaded up the motorhome, kids, Traveler and husband and we headed out.  Made it about 1 hour out of town before the inside tire blew - what fun!  Thank goodness Traveler can load and unload anywhere.  Finally limped our way into the nearest town and sat at the tire dealership for 3 hours getting things sorted out.  Traveler just hung out with us too! 

Arrived later that evening and rode at 9am in the morning.  First up dressage - we did fine.  That's my motto for dressage.  "We did fine". 
This is my favorite part of the test. HA HA HA.  I can salute with the best of them.  :)
And then on to cross-country - what fun that is!  We sailed over jumps and water and logs and Traveler had a blast.  This is the first time I've used studs in his shoes - and it worked out well.  I really appreciated the extra gripping power it gave us. 

And the last day was stadium.  We went double clear and ended up in 6th place in the Open Novice division.

Thankfully we made it home safely.  Traveler now gets to rest and his son, Timbuktu, is up for his mini-event (all 3 events in one day) this next weekend.  We shall see if he can, indeed, follow in his sire's hoofprints. 


  1. How wonderful, Liz! I just love hearing about Traveler's jumping. Congratulations on your 6th place!!! Oh, I blew a tire on the way to Popham last October. The tire wound so hard in around the trailer axel that the three angels who descended from heaven to help me had to cut it out with a sawsall and a plethora of other tools. Haven't been able to use my trailer since, BUT it is at the garage now, yay!

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  3. I love Traveler! We should start a Traveler fan club :-) I don't see any overjumping photos so maybe he is getting more comfortable? Or maybe there was no evidence? Those photos always look so cool but I'm sure it's not as cool while it's happening.
    See I would like Dressage the best, then show jumping and cross country last. In fact I wish it was 2 day eventing and just leave out the cross country but I'm a little chicken.

    1. I agree about the fan club!! Liz and Traveler make it look so effortless! Loved the video.

  4. Great job! And congrats on 6th place :)


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