Tuesday, May 7, 2013

first time ryding at home!

After 1,5 weeks standing at home with the horses...we/I started ryding Cinderella again!

My kids have been ride Bucky before and Anouk wanted to ride him today as well....so the horses had a bussy day!
I didn't made a picture but have a nice small movie off anouk ryding bucky....
or http://youtu.be/ATqShBvL_pU

We also trained to go on a trial ride with bucky but he was verry scared without his girlfriend:

Maaike and Anouk love to brush the horses, they are loosing a lot hear offcourse so they can brush all day!
Cinderella is getting Bald so they can't do her....If everything works out the way I hope a friend off my will bring me some Dermal Aid next month.....and I hope she will not get bald at the beginning off next winter.

Here you can see her bald spaces....they are all over her body!

Maaike and I ride Cinderella today.....ohhhh what a good feeling....to be back in the sadlle again
greetigns marjolein, maaike, anouk, bucky and cinderella!!!

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